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“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”  Robert McCloskey

I have read that quote above a few times now and each time I do, I get more thoroughly confused as to the meaning of it, which I’m sure is the intent of it, but I would still like to be able to figure it out. Does the quote make sense to you? What do you think it means?  My natal Mercury is also in slower Taurus, so sometimes it takes me a while for things to fully register upstairs.

Actually, very little around us makes much sense today, as we continue struggling with the nebulous Mars opposition to space cadet Neptune. This aspect is exact at 1:53 pm EDT, but will still linger around for a few more days.

Too, even if something does sound plausible to us today, we still may need to be a little skeptical about the voracity of what we are hearing or seeing, as with Neptune, we never really know for sure what’s going on. Plus, Mars-Neptune can bring out the con-men (and the crazies).

Additionally, it could also be that it is not meant for us to know about certain things and that is why some things are blurred now.

Again, like I said yesterday, Mars-Neptune is a super cool influence for any creative type of work such as painting, songwriting, photography, even dancing as a form of self-expression.

Love-making is also another possible activity that gets the green light here (Mars rules sex, Neptune fantasy), but you may want to make sure your love interest isn’t already married to someone else or otherwise committed ((Neptune can bring big-time deception in romance).

It’s also a good time to catch up on Neptunian prayer and meditation activities, so round up the rosary beads. You additionally have the go ahead for channeling spirits. Not the kind in the bottle, that’s a big no-no now with the addictive Mars-Neptune energy, but the kind of spirits from beyond the grave. Make sure, too, that you tell the Universe ahead of time, that you only want fun-loving, friendly spirits to come through and not any stick-in-the-mud spirits with bad breath and B-O.

I must also tell you something really quick. A few days ago when I was writing my blog here and mentioning channeling deceased family members (I think this was when we had transiting Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto) my laptop kept shutting down during that blog. Gave me a mild case of the jitters.

Moving right along.

Chiron also positions Retrograde today in Pisces and will continue that way until November 5th, moving back to 27 degrees of Aquarius. As I mentioned yesterday, the day Chiron, the Wounded Warrior, entered Pisces (sea, oil) is the very day we had the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. It will be interesting to see what happens when Chiron turns direct and re-enters Pisces again, later on, and whether there will be a possible follow-up connection to that event.

Yesterday, there was reportedly some measure of progress with the oil leak situation, but we still have to wait and see the next couple days or so to how this latest development is actually going to end up panning out.  With Mars-Neptune, who knows what may develop.

Other News:

On Thursday at the White House, President Obama awarded former Beatle, Paul McCartney (born 6/18/42) the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. The Gershwin award is America’s highest award for popular music. McCartney, who is so deserving of this top honor, has been involved with the writing of more than 200 songs on bestselling music charts.

In Paul’s horoscope right now he has transiting Saturn exactly conjunct his 27 degree Neptune in Virgo on his first house of new beginnings.  Neptune rules music and Saturn (Lord of Karma) represents achievement for hard work.  I think it is so very cool that this Saturn-Neptune influence is playing out this way in his chart, with Paul getting this nifty award from the President of the United States on behalf of all the citizenry.

You know, I perennially pick on Neptune and make fun of its spaciness and vagueness, but when it comes to inspiration and creativity, no other planet tops its potential in these areas, and Paul McCartney is a perfect example of this, with Neptune sitting almost exactly on his 25 degree Virgo Ascendant.

The Ascendant degree is the most sensitive point in the whole horoscope and for him to have Neptune there is very cool, in wake of his musical contributions to the planet. The Ascendant is the window in which we look at the world and in Paul’s window, he always has Neptune reclining there right on the ledge.

I have also waged an offensive against the present transiting Mars-Neptune influence because it can be undermining and disillusioning. But, see how neat it can also be for creative stuff like music? Paul gets awarded this prize.

Very sadly, though, another person also born with Neptune on her Ascendant had a very bad day yesterday.  That’s Capricorn Betty White.  I blogged about her horoscope a few weeks ago here when she was on Saturday Night Live. She is a comedic genius in part due to Neptune in her chart.

Anyway, on Thursday, Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche Devereaux on The Golden Girls alongside Betty White, died from a stroke at age 76.

Would you believe Rue also had Neptune conjunct her Ascendant?  It’s true.  She was another example of someone who was creative and talented beyond belief both as an actress and comedian (Neptune rules acting and theater).  Rue (born 2/21/34) was a Neptune-ruled Pisces with a Virgo rising just like Paul McCartney.  Rue will really, really be missed.  I loved her as Blanche, didn’t you?

May your spirit rest in peace, Rue.

Rue’s death, unfortunately, fits in here, too, with the Mars-Neptune transit, as Mars is in Leo, which rules entertainment figures and the opposition to Neptune can indicate a dissolving of ties.  Rue’s tie was severed to the earth plane.

One other very sad headline I saw in the news Thursday that also had a Mars-Neptune theme: A lion fatally wounded a South African woman working at the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Bulawayo, the sanctuary’s first fatality since opening over three decades ago.

Mars rules the aggressive urge and therefore governs assaults and attacks.  Mars is also now in the sign of Leo which is symbolized by “the lion” in the zodiac.  Neptune, as ruler of Pisces, is associated with animal sanctuaries and wildlife retreats.

I spoke yesterday in my blog about how we needed to be careful with aggression issues because with Mars-Neptune there can be misplaced aggression.  I just wonder what may have happened to trigger this lion attack?  It could be the lion falsely perceived a threat with the weird Mars-Neptune energy.  Such a tragedy.

June 4th Birthdays: Angelina Jolie, Michelle Phillips

Enjoy your Friday! Do some fun, mystical stuff today with the transcendental Mars-Neptune energy.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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