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“Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein

Reduced visibility in my Crystal Ball today due to a foggy Mars-Neptune aspect that is, slowly but surely, closing in around us. This weird, intoxicating influence will technically be exact tomorrow, but already we are feeling its spacey affects.  The Moon in Aquarius also conjoins Neptune mid-morning (10:56 am EDT) and then enters Neptune-ruled Pisces early afternoon (at 1:34 pm EDT).

Mars fuels our passions, while Neptune drives our addictions and rules the urge to escape.  You get these two together and we have a lot of energy to run away to la la land. We also have to be careful with drugs and alcohol.

It’s tangibly harder for us to see things clearly now with Neptune’s veil of illusion engulfing us. We are also much less focused. It’s probably best for us to just chill out and try putting off working on important stuff, if we can.

This Mars-Neptune energy is super, however, for any creative projects that we might need to do, especially involving music or art, as Neptune rules imagination and Mars can get it all fired up.

Mars also rules sex, and with Neptune ruling fantasy and the Moon entering romantic Pisces, it might be a perfect day to call in sick.

In the News:

The oil from the BP oil leak is nearing the Florida beaches, as Mars aggressively opposes insidious Neptune, which rules both the sea and oil. Mars symbolically officiates over assaults and here we have a sea-related assault on the beaches beginning to play out, in addition to all the other mayhem and tragedy that has already occurred with regard to this matter.

We also had that unfortunate incident yesterday in which the saw (ruled by Mars) apparently got stuck in the pipe in the latest BP efforts to cap the oil. Mars rules accidents and mishaps such as that.

CNN is also showing Neptunian photos today (Neptune rules images and photography) of the “Aquarian robots” working a mile underwater in the Gulf trying to stop the leak, and we have Neptune, the sea, in technological Aquarius.

Chiron, the Wounded Warrior in Pisces, turns Retrograde on Friday and Mars is also applying to an opposition to Chiron that will be exact on June 8th and 9th. I wonder if the retrograde Chiron motion will have an impact on the current situation in the Gulf?  The day the BP oil leak occurred is the very day that Chiron entered Pisces. I had blogged here, the day before Chiron entered that sign, that I thought Chiron’s ingress into Pisces may have impact on sea and water issues, but I had no idea that it would happen so quickly.  Sometimes things do occur the very day a body switches signs.  Of course, Chiron’s entering Pisces did not “cause” the spill, but as astrologers we learn to “connect the dots.”

Chiron in Pisces may also end up being a big wake-up call for us, in terms of finally forcing us to move beyond our dependency on oil and pursue alternate energy sources.

Another “weird” story in the news that would fall under the “unreal quality” of the Mars-Neptune umbrella is Joran van der Sloot, the suspect in Natalie Holloway’s disappearance in Aruba (by the Neptune sea) exactly five years ago, is now the focus of an international manhunt after being suspected of killing a woman in Peru this past weekend.  “Mars-Neptune” energy always has the potential for darker elements to it, as Mars rules violence and Neptune rules sacrifice and all things hidden.  Mars-Neptune energy is often characterized as “misplaced aggression” or “hidden aggression.”  Neptune’s ray can be very deceptive and nefarious.  We do probably need to watch our tempers today to make sure that we are not acting out inappropriately.

Update: CNN is reporting that an Irish aid ship is heading for Gaza.  Israel warns of attack if the ship fails to stop.  Yet another manifestation of the volatile “Mars-Neptune” energy playing out on the high seas.

Update: NYT is reporting that the oil pipe has been cut this morning, reportedly a key step in halting the leak.  Engineers can try now to place a cap to catch the leaking oil. Hopefully, this is a positive manifestation of the Mars opposition Neptune “sea energy” and the technologically savvy Aquarian Moon conjunct Neptune.

Opposition aspects can bring matters to a climax, with Mars again signifying the “cutting action” of the pipe and Neptune representing both the sea and the oil pipe.

We have had so many things fail in this endeavor to date that it’s hard to believe that something good could finally be happening here, but maybe something is with this mystifying and hard to see through Mars-Neptune energy, since it is so sea-related and Mars rules new action, and Chiron is getting ready to retrograde tomorrow in Pisces.

Could it also be someone is looking out for us here – maybe a higher Neptunian power?  Neptune is our link to the Divine and Mars is activating that link now. Just a thought.  Also, a hope.

June 3rd Birthdays: Anderson Cooper and Tony Curtis.

Enjoy your Thursday. Make some “beautiful music” with Neptune, or maybe meditate, tap into its higher, more freeing expression.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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