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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.” H.E. Luccock

Cool quote, isn’t it? And, so true. We are often more limited in what we can do, individually, compared to what we can do when we pool our resources and work together to accomplish a common goal.

Too, when you think about it, the notion of self-sufficiency is really an illusion. No one is ever entirely self-sufficient.

Individual expression within the framework of a group is at the foundation of the Moon in airy Aquarius, the altruistic sign of brotherhood. We are now in day two of the Moon here.

Today is also an ideal time to put our own self-interests on the back burner and instead focus on what we can do to help further the cause of humanity. Sometimes just taking a moment to show someone a little kindness can help turn a world around.

Today’s Aquarian Moon energy also bodes well for matters concerning  invention and scientific discovery, especially since we have the “keen” Sun in Gemini throwing a creative aspect (quintile) to “genius” Uranus in Aries.

Back on June 2, 1904, with the Moon also in Aquarius and expansive Jupiter in pioneering Aries, favorably aspected to focused Saturn in Aquarius, a microbe was identified that is responsible for photosynthesis, a colossal discovery by ‘Professor Schron.’  The Gemini Sun was also exactly conjunct Mars, the ruler of Aries.  Sun-Mars often heralds big events, such as what I wrote about yesterday with the launch of CNN with the Sun in Gemini exactly square Mars.

Also, propitious Jupiter in Aries was harmonious to Pluto in Gemini. Pluto, as ruler of Scorpio, deals with the profound mysteries of life and also coincides with historic firsts. Jupiter is all about giving us opportunity, so we had a chance to unravel one of life’s most amazing processes.

On June 2, 1928 Velveeta Cheese was created by Kraft.  And, guess what? Mental Mercury was in food-sign Cancer and applying to an exact square to discovery Uranus in Aries!  The Gemini Sun was also exactly sextile Mars in Aries then, helping out again with the creation of something new.

Also, Jupiter was in Aries again, so there was a lot of  inventive, adventurous, active-type energy permeating the air, very similar to what we have operating now with Uranus just moving into Aries and Jupiter slated to move there later this week.  This Jupiter-Uranus energy can be very exciting – and apparently quite edible – when Cancer is involved.

In the News:

Running out of time here, but I did get a chance to quickly glance at the horoscopes of Al Gore and Tipper Gore.  In case you didn’t hear about it, they are apparently splitting up after 40 years of marriage, which came as bit of a shock to a lot of people. Al is an Aries (b. 3/31/48) with transformational Pluto now transiting conjunct his Capricorn Moon which rules the home and family (Moon also signifies the wife). This is a big, heavyweight influence.  Pluto tends to emotionally impact us at our very depths and also brings to the surface all kinds of feelings that may have been buried inside for ages.

Tipper is a Leo (b. 8/19/48) and she also has transiting Pluto sitting smack near her seventh house of marriage.  Pluto has a way of coming into our lives in a bulldozer fashion and leveling many of the structures in it.  Pluto is associated with the purging process, and as many of us know, purging elements from our lives can be very painful.

Tipper also has a major opposition aspect from the transiting Neptune to her natal Sun.  Sun-Neptune influences tends to be disillusioning, confusing, and ego-denying.  The Sun also depicts the husband in a woman’s horoscope and can indicate a dissolving of ties in that area, as Neptune is known as the Great Dissolver who often pulls the rug out from under us.

Al and Tipper also have challenging Saturn aspects, which additionally signal endings. Both of their horoscopes are also caught up in the cardinal cross playing out in the collective the next couple years,which I’ll be writing much more about soon. We wish Al and Tipper the best and feel sad about their breakup.

“Some people think that it’s holding on that makes one strong; sometimes it’s letting go.” Unknown source.

June 2 Birthdays: Jerry Mathers (Beaver) and Johnny Weismuller (Tarzan).

Enjoy your Wednesday. Connect with others today and remember to do that good deed.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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