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“It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” Albert Einstein

The Sun has moved out of sedentary Taurus and into the naturally curious and chatty sign of Gemini. Gemini natives are restless with eclectic interests. They are usually walking encyclopedias due to their inveterate fact-gathering. They also equally love to share the information that they have compiled.

This Gemini energy inclines us to be more inquisitive now in our daily lives.  It’s also a good time for us to take up new studies, although after that Einstein quote, perhaps we’re better off studying on our own versus anything formal.

The Moon in studious Virgo supports the Gemini Sun today insofar as both are ruled by the planet Mercury, which governs our reasoning ability, and both like to figure things out.  However, Virgo is much more thorough and detailed, while Gemini is more diffuse.

Nevertheless today is an excellent day for any projects or tasks that call for a good measure of analysis. We are also more introspective with the Virgo Moon.

Venus in sensitive Cancer turns the volume up on our emotional needs in relationships.

In the News…

With Jupiter and Uranus in idealistic Pisces continuing their opposition to austere Saturn in Virgo, the sign of labor, there were labor strikes in Greece and Spain Thursday over their respective governments belt-tightening (Saturn) measures.

Jupiter expands whatever it is connected with and conjoined now with rebel Uranus we see this configuration manifesting as the urge for revolt (depicted by Uranus) resulting in some measure of chaos and anarchy.  Jupiter and Uranus fueled by escapist Pisces want to defiantly break free but restrictive Saturn is like a noose around their neck and will not budge. No-frills Saturn is perennially about “doing more with less” and adhering to a budget. This is not sitting well with much of the populace.

Growth (Jupiter-Uranus) is possible now but it has to be based on sound principles and drawing from previous tried and true experience (Saturn).  It is much riskier going out and starting something new from scratch now and forget about starting anything lavish, without the necessary funds. Saturn won’t let you get away with it. Pluto won’t either!

We have also seen the financial markets tanking due in large part to debt-fears and worry (Saturn).

Remember a couple days ago in my horoscope when I wrote about the “weird” Sun square Neptune influence and that we had to be careful because we could get hoodwinked, especially financially.  I also discussed how that influence is often “ego-denying” and also how things sometime just “dissolve” and pass out of our lives under that configuration?

Unfortunately, that is exactly when we had that Paris art theft which robbed the world of five great paintings worth hundreds of millions of dollars, including works by Picasso and Matisse.  Neptune rules art and paintings and the challenging square that day from the acquisition-oriented Taurus Sun (ruling money and possessions) perhaps cosmically fueled this greedy act by the perpetrators. Neptune rules con men and “get rich quick schemes” and even though that day I wrote to steer clear of trying to make a fast buck, these criminal minds did exactly that.

I do believe, however, that the Universe has a way of balancing the karmic scales, so whoever did this will eventually have to pay, one way or the other, but in the meantime, it is very sad that these  (Neptune) paintings have suddenly “dissolved” from world view. That is often how Neptune energy operates, we can’t understand why certain things have to “pass away.”  John F. Kennedy was assassinated under a strong Neptune influence (Saturn square Neptune).

Speaking of “world view” also with Sun square Neptune this week the Pakistani government blocked YouTube and Facebook citing “growing sacrilegious” content.  Neptune rules imagery and photos and also gives a preoccupation with spiritual matters.  Neptune is presently in the sign of Aquarius which rules the internet. Anyway, thought it was very interesting that with the Sun-Neptune, internet images were “banned” or suddenly snatched away again (Neptune’s dissolving ray) as well, at the same time as the paintings.

Wrapping it up here (it’s often hard for me to do with Jupiter in Gemini), yesterday we had the Sun sextile Uranus influence.  If you recall in yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that it was cool energy and very innovative.  Uranus rules genius and invention, as well as scientific breakthroughs.  Well, it was announced Thursday that the world’s first synthetic life form has been built. Definitely an Uranian announcement.  Also, must give some credit here to Mercury (governing news and communication) trine Pluto, as Pluto rules scientific research governing life and death areas.  Mercury-Pluto perennially delivers up news about historic firsts and it came through again for us here.

Enjoy your Friday! Give someone a warm hug with Venus in Cancer.

Written by Patricia ‘Patrice” Thompson

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