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“Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?” – Ernest Gaines.

We have the Sun today at the tale end of pragmatic Taurus harmoniously linking up (sextile) to innovator Uranus in Pisces. There is fresh opportunity here to improve our lives in a practical way (Taurus) with the inclusion of some new methods and ideas (Uranus).

With Sun-Uranus, we may suddenly have some “aha moments” in which we are able to figure some things out that may have previously stumped us.  Uranus rules genius and invention. This is a very cool influence.  It also speaks voluminously to us about liberation (Uranus) and personal freedom and wanting to include more freedom into our lives.

Relationship Venus is also now in nurturing Cancer, the sign of home and family. We start focusing more on nesting matters with Venus here although today, with the restless, exploratory Sun-Uranus ray in operation, we may not be ready just yet to find a good measure of our fulfillment sticking close to the home front.

The Moon leaves entertaining, self-expressive Leo and heads into neat-freak Virgo at 7:59 pm EDT at which time we may decide that, yes, perhaps our true purpose and calling in this lifetime may in fact be to stand behind a vacuum tidying up our little (Cancer) nests.

Astrology in real life:

Did you see Oprah yesterday? The program was kind of a poster child for what we had playing out in the heavens on Wednesday.

Oprah started the show talking to Bret Michaels, his first TV interview since his brain hemorrhage last month. Bret spoke about his new lease on life after his near-death experience.

Then she interviewed country star Chely Wright.  Chely talked about how her coming out as a lesbian has helped her to finally live her truth.

Yesterday, if you recall, we had Venus exactly square Uranus. Venus rules romance and relationships.  When it is paired with rebel Uranus in our own personal horoscopes, we have a tendency to form unconventional or non-traditional alliances.

Venus-Uranus correspondingly denotes gay and lesbian unions, a topic in which I have written about a few times before here at this blog. Also, on days when we have Venus-Uranus aspects, gay and lesbian issues often move to the forefront with respect to the collective.   Oprah’s TV Show, of course, reaches millions of viewers and has a role in shaping mass consciousness.

We also had Mercury, which rules communication and interviews, exactly trine Pluto on Wednesday.  As I noted here yesterday, often with Mercury-Pluto we hear about big secrets, as Pluto epitomizes things that are hidden.

As ruler of Scorpio, Pluto also specifically governs hidden sexual issues, as well as matters of death and rebirth.  Pluto also rules the masses.

Chely poignantly revealed to us on Oprah how she had lived a total lie all her life by not coming forward with her true sexuality (Pluto).  She also shared that she had almost committed suicide (Pluto) by putting a gun in her mouth.

Bret Michaels also talked about how fortunate he was that he did not die (Pluto) and how he felt reborn now (Pluto) in wake of the experience.  Both interviews were heavily laden with the Pluto death and rebirth themes.

There were also strong undercurrents of yesterday’s nebulous Sun square Neptune influence on the program, especially Chely’s disclosure that she had been living a lie (Neptune rules deception). Neptune also depicts the more fragile or tenuous nature of the physical life form and often demonstrates to us, through its activation in our lives, how sometimes our ability to hold onto the physical body is as precarious as holding onto a single thread.

Neptune, known as the Great Dissolver, symbolizes the dissolving of physical boundaries in its quest to transition us into the spirit world.  Neptune denotes our spiritual component or link to the Divine. Both Chely Wright and Bret Michaels spoke to Oprah about praying to God (Neptune) to save them in their moments of despair.

We also saw another variation of the Sun-Neptune energy playing out before the collective yesterday. A U.S. jury decided that drug-maker Novartis must pay $250 million in damages to more than 5,000 current and former employees.  The jury award came two days after the finding that the U.S. division of the company discriminated against women over pay, promotion and pregnancy.

Neptune rules drugs and pharmaceutical companies.  Aquarius, the sign Neptune is currently in, also rules equality issues and epitomizes the needs and rights of the individual within the collective. Often when Aquarius is emphasized there is progress regarding individual rights. The Sun in the money-sign of Taurus also spelled bad news for the drug-maker, in terms of its’ financial liability.

Yesterday’s Venus square Uranus influence also entered into the equation here since we were dealing with a gender bias issue. Venus also denotes females and Uranus, as ruler of Aquarius, is now in the sign of  Neptune-ruled Pisces (drugs).

Too, the discrimination ruling against the company two days ago came with the mutable T-Square in full force involving Saturn, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter. Saturn is in Virgo, ruling employment matters. Jupiter and Uranus are in Pisces, the Neptune ruled sign associated with drugs.  Venus (females) was squaring off against the Virgo and Pisces energies, forcing this gender-related issue.

I thought it was very symbolic, too, to have Uranus, the liberator, at the very end of Pisces, representing the full fruition of all the sign stands for.  Pisces not only rules drugs, it also depicts segments of society that are downtrodden and discriminated against.

Enjoy your Thursday!  Expect some “aha moments.”

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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