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“We humans are full of unpredictable emotions that logic alone cannot solve.” James T. Kirk

Some major planetary energies are aligned above us today.

Romantic Venus, at the tale end of Gemini, forms a square to rebel Uranus in Pisces. We need to be more mindful of how we handle our relationships, as unstable and impulsive emotional elements are more at play here. Intimacy may seem less important to us than pursuing our personal freedom. Unconventional relationships also hold more appeal for us now.

The illuminating Sun in Taurus squares foggy Neptune in Aquarius.  Always with Neptune, it is harder for us to see clearly regarding the true nature of things. Everything seems to be wrapped in a veil of illusion. We are also more vulnerable to trickery and someone pulling the wool over our eyes. With this configuration involving the money and possession sign of Taurus, we need to be more careful with our resources today and steer clear away from any “get rich quick schemes.”

Additionally, with Sun-Neptune energy, there is often some measure of  “ego-denying experiences” that we must learn to deal with and confront. Also, some “dissolving” or “passing away” of certain elements of our reality may be taking place now.

To make the day even more intriguing, we have Winged Messenger Mercury in Taurus exactly trine to probing Pluto in Capricorn. Normally with Mercury-Pluto we are privy to finding out some BIG SECRETS, solving colossal riddles, and ferreting out troublemakers from their hiding places. The weird thing is, we also have the murky Sun-Neptune lurking around, so our dilemma is, how do we know whether what we are hearing today is really the truth, and nothing but the whole truth, so help me God? I’m not sure that we do have total clarity here.  Probably what we need to do is just wade along on a case by case basis and see what applies for specific situations.

On top of all of this planetary overload, we also have the Moon in theatrical Leo to deal with.  Of course, she is reacting strongly and dramatically to everything that is going on around her particularly any affronts to her personal power. So today, ought to be somewhat of a doozy. Be prepared to thrust into warp speed at any moment.

What I am really liking about the energy of today is that it is DIFFERENT. Even though though there is some measure of weirdness going on around us now with Neptune, we are also more mentally probing with Mercury Pluto.  Neptune can also make us very imaginative, so this influence is powerful for any work projects in the creative arts area.  Neptune specifically rules dance, photography, film-making, music, poetry, and painting. Venus Uranus also helps us to see our connections to others, as well as our relationship needs, in a new light, and I think that is also a bit of fresh air here.

On a final note, with the continuing drama unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, I am wondering if the Sun-Neptune energy today may bring new developments on that front, as Neptune rules both the sea and oil. The concern now is that the oil may soon be moving from wind currents to the Keys and up the East Coast to the Carolinas and Virginia.  Let’s pray that will not be the case.

Enjoy your Wednesday.  Let me know if it ends up being one for the record books!

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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