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“First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.” Epictetus.

Can you imagine, if each of us abided by that simple philosophy, how much quieter our world would be, in terms of sheer stillness? Especially on a day when the Moon enters Gemini, the “communication sign?”

Anyway, some food for thought today as the Moon switches from determined Taurus to breezy, noisy Gemini (9:18 am EDT). With the Moon here, we are much more restless and curious and want to be on the go.

We are also, theoretically, more talented at multi-tasking now with the duality of The Twins. However, with both mental Mercury and the Sun still weighed down in focused Taurus, this may not quite be the case today.

Still, a good day for errand-running, attending to emails, correspondence, reading, short trips.

And good for speaking, with some qualifications as noted above.

Event in history on this date:

On May 14, 1973, (Frontiero v. Richardson) the U.S. Supreme Court approved equal rights to females in the military. Included here, the Court decided that benefits given by the U.S. Military could not be given out differently because of gender.

Check out the cool cosmic energy backdrop for the Court’s decision then:

1) Expansive Jupiter was traveling through Aquarius, the futuristic sign of the collective, that is concerned with equality for all. Usually, wherever Jupiter is we have increased opportunities for the affairs ruled by the sign it is passing through, so hence, more chance for equal rights.

2) Saturn, Keeper of the Status Quo, was in intellectual Gemini and exactly harmoniously trine to liberating Uranus in Libra, the sign of the courts.  Uranus in Libra helped to broaden out the former way of thinking (Saturn) here and put the issue of equality on the table.  (Uranus rules Aquarius.)

3) Transformational Pluto had just entered court-ruling Libra. On the day of the decision, transiting Venus in Gemini was also favorably trine to Pluto. Venus depicts females. So, we correspondingly had a sweeping ruling involving women by the Court. Pluto is also synonymous with historic firsts.

4) Finally, feminine Venus was also square masculine Mars in Pisces, so we had the “gender issue” and “battle of the sexes” symbolically playing out here. Mars also rules the military. Squares meanwhile force actions.

Too, Mars in compassionate Pisces is more of a “spiritual warrior” placement. It is more concerned with fighting for civil rights when it is in this sign, as idealistic Pisces represents disenfranchised groups, or persons who are suffering. Mars therefore was temporarily more aligned with the cause of the female underdog passing through Pisces than it might normally be.

Enjoy your Friday! Remember, “know” the meaning of what you say, before you speak it.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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