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“The average man does not want to be free.  He simply wants to be safe.” H. L. Mencken

Whether that sentiment is true or not we are seeking a good measure of safety and security today with the New Moon in money-conscious and stabilizing Taurus. New moons mark new beginnings.

This new chapter today speaks to us of setting our intentions for practical strategies that fortify our security. For instance, now would be a great time to come up with a money-saving plan for the future. Or perhaps think of a way that we can somehow attract to us more of the things that we want in our lives.

The New Moon’s sextile to abundant Jupiter is waiting to reward us here.  We only have to be willing and able to put forth some degree of effort and initiative (trine to Saturn in Virgo) in the matter.

The New Moon also makes a restless square to assertive Mars in Leo. There is some tension here that needs to be resolved between seeking security and freedom of self-expression. Most of the time with Mars squares we feel the need to take some kind of swift action. Leo the Lion, too, is king of the jungle, so some of this action may involve temporarily seizing the spotlight as a show of power and dominance.

Events in history on this date:

Speaking of power and dominance, how about Leo Mick Jagger and Sagittarian Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones? Those two iconic figures certainly epitomize both of those things in contemporary culture and popular music.

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” perhaps the biggest song in rock n’ roll history and Stones’ signature work, was reportedly written in May of 1965 and recorded on this date, May 13 (or right around, some confusion here). Keith Richards is said to have composed the song in his sleep and Mick penned the lyrics. The song speaks to the crass commercialization of society.

The cosmic energy at the time was so fitting for a song like Satisfaction to materialize.  Pioneering Mars was conjoined rebel Uranus and transforming Pluto in the critical sign of Virgo (Virgo deals with the digesting of experience). Many of us suddenly started to realize that we were not really happy with all the types of homogenized garbage that we had been fed on how we should live and what kinds of values we should espouse.

With Mars and Uranus aligned, we’re ready for revolt (Mars rules war). Uranus clamors to us to rise up against anything that traps us or keeps individuality submerged. We insist on personal freedom at all costs and we don’t want anyone dictating to us how we must feel or live (the lyrics of Satisfaction).

Interestingly, Keith Richards also has both Mars and Uranus configured together in his birth chart. He vibrates to this kind of individualistic mindset daily in his own life. The expansive transiting Jupiter in communication Gemini was also exactly conjuncting Richards’ Mars-Uranus conjunction, accentuating the influence, when he wrote Satisfaction. Uranus also rules genius and invention and, in music, highly original compositions.

That Mars-Uranus conjunction in his chart is also trine to his natal Neptune.  Neptune governs imagination and music. It also rules sleep and dreams.  Imagine being able to go to bed and wake up with a song in your head that is going to eventually make you zillions of dollars.  Not a bad life or karma! That is how Neptune usually works for us, too.  We get inspiration from it a lot of times in our dreams when we are more attuned to our subconscious and otherworldly dimensions.

Mick Jagger also had several favorable  Jupiter aspects like Keith had when he wrote the Satisfaction lyrics, including Jupiter sextile both his natal Jupiter and Pluto in Leo conjunction. Traditionally that is a “luckier” time when new doors  suddenly open up for us (and Leo again rules the entertainment realm).

Mick also had transiting Pluto (a powerful life-changer) exactly conjunct his natal Venus in Virgo. Venus rules artistic expression and aligned with Pluto it can denote giving creative birth to something so big (Pluto rules the masses), a masterpiece, that one’s life is literally changed forever as a result. Pluto-Venus can also be a period in which you can make a mega amount of money, as Pluto is associated with great wealth and Venus, as ruler of Taurus, governs money.

Enjoy your New Moon Thursday! Make it a rich day!

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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