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“Wisely, and slow.  They stumble that run fast.” William Shakespeare

Some jeweled wisdom there that we’d be well-served to embrace this very day as the Moon enters leisurely Taurus (2:48 am EDT). The slower moving Taurus Moon has a way of soothing our weary soul now, giving it peaceful refuge.

The Moon also connects harmoniously to Mercury adding some measure of safety and stability to our thinking and ideas.

The Moon also reaches out to healing Pluto.  Pluto’s activated ray is able to permeate our physical being, intimately renewing our life force all the way down to the cellular level. A good day to go for a massage. Or to move about in water.

Event in history on this date:

On May 12, 1963 Bob Dylan (born May 24, 1941) was suppose to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show but instead walked off the set when network censors at the last minute would not let him sing the song that he had been earlier cleared to perform. The song that generated all the ruckus was Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues a satirical take on the ultra-conservative John Birch Society.

While Bob Dylan had a niche following at the time, this appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the highest-rated variety show in America then, would clearly have been a big door-opener for his career.  Yet, he turned it down.

So, what in the heck did he have in his stars that day that gave him the wherewithal to just walk away?

Fascinatingly, Dylan had transiting Mars (combative) in Leo, the sign of entertainment, exactly square to his natal Saturn in Taurus (stubborn) in his fifth house of self-expression and personal creativity.

Mars square Saturn is one of those classic astrological aspects when we tend to bump heads with authority figures.  Mars rules our aggressive urge and speaks to us of our passions.  Saturn meanwhile represents the status quo and the tried and true establishment.  Saturn tries to curtail what we are passionate about (Mars) and puts all manner of restrictions around us. Dylan wasn’t going to have any of it.  Dylan’s horoscope indicates he has a tendency to be extremely stubborn and set in his ways with four planets conjoined in the fixed sign of Taurus and all in his fifth house of talents.

As destiny would have it, Dylan’s principled stand was probably the best strategy he could have ever taken for his career as all the publicity from his walking off the set got him noticed in a big way.  Also helping out here, transiting Saturn in individualistic Aquarius was harmoniously trine to his Mercury shortly after the Ed Sullivan controversy.  Saturn favorable to Mercury gives us firm, supportive footing for expressing our ideas.

Enjoy your Wednesday.  Keep that Shakespeare quote in mind.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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