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“Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

The ever-changing Moon fittingly begins this Mother’s day in the selfless sign of Pisces. No doubt she’s hoping we’ll be likewise inspired by the altruistic qualities of this sign to demonstrate a gentle mothering and caring to others, especially to those more fragile persons around us who are suffering or in crisis.

Practicing compassion not only makes others happy, it is also a way to make ourselves feel better. In Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, our hearts are always bigger. Our vision more divine.

We may experience contradictory waves of emotion as the sensitive Pisces Moon conjoins joyous Jupiter, opposes anxious Saturn and then conjuncts rebellious Uranus mid-afternoon. Immersion into some kind of creative project may be a good way to productively channel these variegated feelings.

The Moon enters adventurous Aries at 5:29 pm EDT at which time the energy becomes much more frenetic and outward. We’re ready to ramp up our engines and start all over again then.

Events in history on this date: On May 9, 2005 The Huffington Post was launched by Arianna Huffington (Cancer) and two others as a more liberal-progressive American news website and aggregated blog.

This very popular site reportedly receives 18 or 19 million visits a month, however, that number is a fluctuating estimate.  What is also noteworthy here is that they’re registering more than a million comments each month from their countless stream of articles.

Too, while HuffPost is known for its focus on politics, it has successfully expanded into other areas including business, entertainment and sports.

On the launch date, we find the Sun in consolidating Taurus making a positive sustaining sextile to longevity Saturn in nurturing Cancer. The Sun position in a horoscope is always very important as it depicts the life force in the chart in which everything else revolves.  We always want to have a strong Sun placement as it provides vitality and spirit for a being or enterprise.

Here in materialistic Taurus, the Sun is practically grounded and the link to utilitarian, survivalist Saturn endows it with an intrinsic understanding of how to use all the resources at its disposal.

The Sun is also in a close, more challenging square to idealistic Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of the collective.  The dreamy Neptune influence acts as an antidote, in some ways, to the more cautious, conservative Sun-Saturn energy.

Sun-Neptune is goaded into action more by a sense of vision and lofty ideals and less by practical considerations, especially with Neptune being in the sign of brotherly love Aquarius. Sun-Neptune intrinsically seeks to inspire and enlighten others. There can particularly be a strong need to want to be a voice for persons or groups who are disenfranchised.

A lot of political leaders, including U.S. Presidents, have had Sun-Neptune prominent in their charts, as it seems to install some measure of a “Messiah-complex” with Neptune symbolically representing our link to the Divine.

Neptune also governs visual images as well as charisma.  Sun-Neptune energy often denotes figures or entities that engage us or captivate us in some magical way.  Neptune is the purveyor of illusion.  It also rules glamor, disguise and hopeless addiction. The Huffington Post is a master when it comes to leveraging visual imagery along with written content, another reason why so many maybe have become hooked on the blog. Lucky Jupiter’s placement in social Libra also adds to the successful public appeal of it.

The emotional Moon was also in the communication sign of Gemini at its inception, giving a natural communication ease as well as bestowing a deep need for interacting and articulating with the environment.

Pioneering Mars was also powerfully conjoined with innovative, trend-setter Uranus in Pisces on the launch day. Pisces is the sign that the very imaginative Neptune rules.  This influence attests to brilliance and genius and confers marked ability for a farsighted strategy that is able to project well into the future.

With Mars-Uranus in the Huffington Post horoscope there is also an unbridled passion for discovering new horizons as well as an aptitude for altering, updating existing environments. Uranus is furthermore the technology guru and with energetic Mars conjunct it, there would be easy access and talent for all things technological.

Also on that day, communicator Mercury, the purveyor of news and information, was in adventurous Aries, powerfully aspected (trined) to investigative Pluto in Sagittarius, the sign of publishing and journalism. Pluto denotes depth and all things hidden. Under Pluto’s ray, and aligned with Mercury, we  go deep into our thoughts.  We experience depth perception.

Pluto also represents power, control and transformation. Together with Mercury, we very much want to control and transform others (Pluto rules the masses) through our ideas (Mercury). We strive very hard to have our words unleash a powerful punch so as to have maximum impact.

Pluto also represents ”historic firsts.”  Mercury-Pluto days are often times when we hear about “history-making” events that alter the consciousness of the masses.  So it is not surprising that the Huffington Post has had a history shaping impact on the collective.

Mercury-Pluto is really an ideal aspect to have in a news-oriented horoscope as it is indicative of always trying to get the big scoop, always striving to get to the bottom of things.  This is because it is fueled by an obsessive, insatiable passion for uncovering what lies at the essence of every matter.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day!

And, Happy Fifth Birthday to the Huffington Post!

Written by Patricia Thompson

Ccopyright 2010

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