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Us Weekly is reporting that Elizabeth Taylor (born Feb. 27, 1932)  is engaged for the ninth time. Reportedly, the lucky guy is 49-year-old Jason Winters (birth date unknown), a Hollywood manager to big name celebrities, including Janet Jackson.  Taylor and Winters have not yet confirmed the news.

In Ms. Taylor’s horoscope, transiting Venus and Mercury both moved into her 5th house of romance this week putting focus on “affairs of the heart.” Venus also rules “love” and Mercury rules “communication,” so it’s not surprising that we should hear that she may be getting married.  (Additionally, the two planets are now harmoniously sextile to her natal Mercury which rules her 7th house of marriage.)

She also has transiting Saturn (the stabilizer) exactly trine to her natal Saturn. This can indicate a time of inner peace and contentment, as well as a desire and opportunity for adding more secure circumstances to life.

Elizabeth Taylor has exact in her birth chart an influence what traditional astrologers have often called the “classic divorce aspect” which is “Venus conjunct Uranus.” Again, Venus rules the love nature, while Uranus represents the “urge for freedom.”  When we get them both together there can be more of an inconstancy in affections because Venus wants to bond but Uranus perennially wants to roam. What usually ends up working best for these natives, is to have romantic relationships that allow for a great deal of personal freedom, so they won’t get bored.

Elizabeth also has her Venus and Uranus in Aries, so she is naturally more assertive in love and ardently pursues the object of her affections. She also has lucky and expansive Jupiter in regal Leo harmoniously trined to her Venus-Uranus, which may be why she ends up getting married, as she probably enjoys the pomp and circumstance associated with weddings, engagements. Plus, she is an idealistic and die-hard romantic Pisces.  Her Scorpio Moon, too, suggests she does have very deep feelings and intense passions.

“I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions”. Elizabeth Taylor

On another level, Venus rules our “personal power of attraction” and when it is conjoined with magnetic Uranus, the individuals themselves can be quite charismatic and striking in appearance (Venus also rules beauty). With Uranus associated with originality, there is also a tendency to be attracted to highly individual types who may be unusual, in many ways, as well as a law unto themselves (Uranus is rebellious). She would also tend to have an affinity for persons who would be characterized as “underdogs” and perhaps enjoy working in some capacity for “group causes,” as Aquarius represents the collective. Of course, her charitable work with AIDS-related causes comes to mind here.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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