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Transformational energy converges upon us.  We are awakened to new possibilities, particularly in the realm of personal relationships (Venus trine Pluto).

A new person coming into our life now, that we have a strong reaction to, could be someone that we had a karmic tie with in the past. They may be reappearing at this time to teach us about issues of power and managing our personal resources, as well as to help us experience deep-level emotions.

“Life’s unfairness is not irrevocable; we can help balance the scales for others, if not always for ourselves.” Hubert Humphrey.

There is an intensity factor to all new relationships forged now. We may sense a “fated quality” to them. We should pay extra close attention to who comes into our path of orbit now and under what circumstances and make note of how we intuitively feel about them when we meet them. Our intuition may provide valuable insights into the lessons we are suppose to learn from them.

Meanwhile, an existing relationship may go through a “resurrection-phase” and perhaps reach a new level of involvement and commitment. This is an excellent time for taking inventory of the close relationships in our lives and examining their meaning in terms of how they are serving our higher purpose. Toxic relationships should be pruned.

Our power to attract to us the material resources that we desire is enhanced now.  This is generally a favorable time to sow seeds for new endeavors that could pay off handsomely for us in the future.

We do need to exercise some caution, however, regarding personal spending, especially for spur-of-the-moment impulse buying, which we could end up regretting later (Mercury square Mars).

Additionally, it’s a good time to scrutinize what it is that we are passionate about, in terms of our activities, hobbies, and interests, with an eye to restructuring our lives in such a way that we are able to include more of our favorite things into our daily existence, while weeding out outlets that we are only lukewarm or robotic about.

Lastly, many of us may be dealing with “anger management issues” today to varying degrees (Mercury square Mars).  We may either be wrestling with our own tempers (Mars) or have stressful interaction with angry individuals. This is not a day to be  bullying others or for engaging in road-rage, as the karma incurred could be significant.

Famous Aries persons born April 4th: Maya Angelou, Muddy Waters, Robert Downey, Jr., Anthony Perkins

Special Birthday Salute to Maya Angelou: Maya turns 82 years young today! Her natal Aries Sun is closely conjoined expansive Jupiter in her birthchart and both are in her 9th house of writing and teaching.  Maya is a prolific author (Jupiter) and has written over 12 books in addition to poetry and even song-writing. Sun-Jupiter individuals often serve as mentors to the rest of us as they are normally philosophically minded and inspirational in their communication style.  They deeply love sharing their knowledge and wisdom and do so passionately and enthusiastically.

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” Henry Brooks Adams.

Maya also has idealistic and imaginative Neptune on her Ascendant (the window from which she looks out to the world). Neptune conjunct the Ascendant makes her very visionary and otherworldy (as well as highly creative).  It also suggests a heightened sensitivity to her environment, especially an ability to pick up on the moods of people around her like a psychic sponge.  Maya likely functions best when she is able to fit in frequent periods of seclusion to recharge both her psychological and spiritual batteries.

Peace and love, everyone.  Happy Easter!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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