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“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” Theodore Roosevelt.

With the Moon continuing her stay in relationship Libra, the desire to collaborate with others is more appealing to us. We feel relaxed about sharing ourselves and our ideas. We are eager and receptive to the corresponding input from other persons.  There’s also more of a willingness for compromise and for the patching up of old difficulties.

On a romantic level, enjoying pleasurable moments of togetherness is always part of the special allure of the Moon when she is in this very sensual Venus-ruled sign. Togetherness intrinsically springs from a desire to want to mutually please each other.  Something that Libra is characteristically mindful of.

“And enough for me that when my hand touched your shoulder, you leaned on me; and when you felt me slip away, you called my name.” Orson Scott Card, Late American Author.

We do have an “awkward” energy pattern (sesquiquadrate) between Jupiter and Mars now. The caution here is not to become so overzealous or fanatical in our philosophical or religious beliefs (Jupiter) that we ride roughshod (Mars) over the beliefs of others.

Famous Aries persons born on this day: Celine Dion, B.F. Skinner, Warren Beatty, Eric Clapton, M.C. Hammer

In the News: With “warrior Mars” still exactly aligned with President Obama’s Mercury (speech and ideas), he’s slated to meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy today at the White House to talk (consequently) about “matters of war” (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan), as well as the Middle East peace process (diplomatic Libra Moon). Mars-Mercury is a highly charged mental period for the President when his personal ego is likely to be much more fused with his thought processes.  He is also potentially more passionate about his ideas and more capable of making an effective case for his positions.

On Sunday, with this same Mars-Mercury aspect, President Obama made a “surprise visit” to the war-zone region of Afghanistan and also met with that country’s ruler. (Mars rules war and is in the sign of Leo which governs world leaders.)

Peace and love, everyone!  Enjoy your Tuesday.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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