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“I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.” Mahatma Gandi

As an astrologer, I have a passion for “mundane astrology.”  That’s the branch of astrology that deals with world events or world affairs.  Whenever something grabs my attention in the news, I immediately check out the stars to see if there may be a “heavenly connection.”  I was also a radio news reporter, at one time, so I guess the news is still in my blood. Too, with the way I see things, I do not believe we’re really getting the “full picture” unless we also look at the meaning and symbolism of the heavens in conjunction with what’s happening around us.  It’s part of the maxim I subscribe to: “As above, so below.”

With that said, It was some kind of week on the astrological front with the Sun and Pluto dramatically duking it out (“square” to each other in the sky).  Mundane astrologers were poised to expect “big things” to happen this week (because of this aspect) and we were not disappointed.  Everyone who paid any attention to the major news stories saw the more “collective ramifications” of the Sun-Pluto meet-up. Pluto pretty much dominated the U.S. headlines. Pluto governs, among other things: debt, credit, insurance, atomic energy, breakthrough discoveries. It also represents the urge for power as well as power struggles, changes in power, sexual issues, obsessions.

When Pluto’s ray is activated we usually see explosive issues erupting that have been simmering under the surface for a while. Pluto, as Lord of the Underworld, rules what is hidden, including hidden forces such as the Mafia and terrorists. It also symbolically or literally denotes the “death-rebirth process.” Pluto characteristically delineates crises that require immediate responses. It shows us what has broken down and what needs to be repaired, overhauled, or pitched. It governs events of more of an extreme nature that have the possibility to change and transform our lives.  Pluto also rules the masses or the collective itself.

(Also, to briefly decode into English the astrology: 1) A “square aspect” is a stressful alignment that denotes inner tension or conflict that ends up forcing action to alleviate the situation. 2) The Sun, by transit, “illuminates” or “brings out into the open” the issues that are ruled by the planet or heavenly body that the Sun is conjoined with, which in this case, was Pluto. 3)Sun square Pluto is a short-term influence that lasts for a few days, but it can powerfully trigger the impact of longer-term transits, which it did this week, most notably the long-term Saturn square Pluto transit.)

So, let’s revisit some of the more notable “Sun-Pluto news stories” of this past week. In many of the cases, too, we’ll see that action was taken (the square activating energy) to deal with or solve a long-standing problematic (Pluto) situation.  Keep in mind, too, that Pluto governs “reforms.” Also, importantly, I am not saying that “Sun-Pluto” caused anything to happen, I am simply drawing correlations, connecting the cosmic dots:

– U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced new rules Thursday which make it harder to expel gay service members. That tied in with the Sun-Pluto aspect in a few different ways: The Sun was squaring Pluto from the pioneering sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, where it deftly could have theoretically primed us, on a psychological level, for new beginnings. Aries also rules the military, so you thereby had the potential for more receptivity within the military for accepting the new protocol (the new rules). Pluto, as stated earlier, also rules sexual issues, especially hidden sexual issues. And, Pluto deals with rebirth or transformation.  Pluto is presently in the sign of Capricorn, which rules government, so what we ended up having here was a growing awareness within the government that more needed to be done, changes needed to be implemented, about the military’s “hush-hush” (hidden Pluto) sexual orientation policy.

– The Obama administration announced major plans Friday to lower mortgage debt for troubled borrowers.  Of course, this was put forth due to the ongoing foreclosure crisis as well as the growing ranks of people underwater with their mortgages due to the real estate slump. (Pluto rules foreclosures and mortgages.)

– Significant changes were also approved Thursday by Congress that will overhaul the student loan program. The student loan “reform package” was part of the package of fixes to the healthcare bill.  (Pluto rules all loans including student loans.)

– The historic health reform bill passed and was signed into law.  (Pluto rules insurance.)

– A Greek Debt deal was finally reached in Brussels on Thursday after months of impasse.

– President Obama and Russian President Medvedev finalized a new arms control treaty on Friday to further reduce the nuclear arsenals in each country. (Pluto rules nuclear weapons.)   This matter had been in the works for months before finally being agreed upon this week.  What also theoretically helped out here astrologically, with this particular issue, was the exact sextile (an opportunity aspect) from Mars to Saturn this week.  Mars rules matters of war and defense, while Saturn rules restrictions and limitations.  So with these two planets in alignment there was the potential for more of a mutual receptivity to reduce (Saturn) the nuclear arsenals (Mars and Pluto).  Also perhaps pivotal here, Saturn was in Libra, a sign that rules diplomacy and it was harmonious to Mars in Leo, with Leo ruling world leaders.

– Russian banned Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” as extremist on Friday in an effort to curb the growing appeal of far-right politics.  (Pluto rules fascism, dictators and extremism in any form.)

– President Obama asked on Wednesday that Cuba’s leader free “all political prisoners” characterizing conditions there as “deeply disturbing.” (Again an action aimed at a dictatorial, “Pluto-ruled” power.)

– More than 100 people with possible ties to Al-Qaeda were arrested in Saudia Arabia Wednesday for allegedly planning attacks on oil and security installations in the country.  Also that same day, Osama bin Laden threatened retaliation if the 9/11 suspects are put to death. (Pluto rules terrorism, secret societies.)

Go Daddy, the world’s largest domain name registration company, announced Wednesday it was going to stop registering Websites in China after the Chinese government required customers to provide photographs and other identifying information before registering.  (Another example of Pluto as it pertains to power and control issues, and the matter of the control issue, coming to a head.)

– Pope Benedict was accused of failing to act in reference to the sexual abuse of 200 deaf boys in the 1990s by a priest in the U.S. (Pluto rules sexual issues, including hidden sexual abuse and pedophilia.)

– Scientists identified the Denisovin hominin, a previously unknown type of human, through DNA analysis of a finger found in a cave in Siberia Russia. (Pluto rules caves and hidden places.  It also rules DNA testing.)

In closing, for those who want to jot it down on their calendars, the Sun will meet up with Pluto again (by opposition aspect) late June 2010 and then (by square again) late September 2010.   Of course, other planets will be aspecting Pluto as well, this year, generating similar affects. We’ll keep you posted.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

March 27, 2010

Copyright 2010

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