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“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it.  That factor is attitude.” William James, Philosopher and Psychologist.

We have Sun square Pluto today, a more challenging aspect, and one in which we often feel pressured, both internally and externally. Usually when Pluto is prominent, power and control issues surface (Pluto’s domain).  We may have difficulties with authority figures or employers (Sun rules higher-ups). It would be unwise to deliberately provoke incidents with people in power today as chances are we will not win and we would likely only be making things worse for ourselves (the square aspect denotes conflict).

What is always a good idea to do on Sun-Pluto days is to keep a gauge on our emotional reactions and see what triggers them.  That way, we can gain insight into our inner workings (which are Pluto-ruled) and find out what may be subconsciously bothering us. Pluto energy is always ideal for uncovering hidden information about ourselves or others.  Also, if we personally need to keep something private from others, we need to be careful that we don’t inadvertently divulge details about it today.

The Moon enters theatrical Leo at 5:39 am EDT creating within us more of a need for pageantry, grand gestures. With Leo, we emotionally crave attention and praise.

“Censure is often useful, praise is often deceitful.” Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

Famous Aries persons born on this day: American Celebrity Danica Patrick, U.S. Figure Skater Debi Thomas, Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, Singer/Songwriter Elton John

In the News:  It was announced Wednesday the US and Russia will sign a new arms control treaty next month.  The treaty is a follow-up to the Stategic Arms Reduction Treaty which was first signed in 1991 and expired in December of 2009.

The treaty announcement coincides exactly with the current Mars-Saturn sextile.  Mars rules the “aggressive urge” and is the planet that governs war. ( Mars also rules the military and defense operations.) Saturn, meanwhile, represents the government and rules the “safety urge.”  The general nature of Saturn is restrictive and limiting, so having it positively aligned (sextile) with Mars, the warrior planet, it is fitting that we should have a nuclear arms control treaty principally agreed to (more work still needs to be done ), which is essentially an agreement to restrict or control aggression (Mars).  Saturn is also in Libra which is the sign that rules diplomatic efforts.  While Mars is in Leo, and Leo represents world leaders.  (Additionally, the current Sun square Pluto energy was also a factor in this announcement.  Pluto rules “nuclear weapons” and the square aspect “forces action.” While the Sun-Pluto energy is exact today,  it was already applying yesterday.)

Peace and love, everyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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