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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi successfully “rallied her troops” to pass the Senate’s version of the Health Care Bill (March 21, 2010).  Ms. Pelosi, who turns 70 on Friday (she was born 3/26/40), presently has transiting Pluto at 5 degrees of Capricorn squaring her 5 degree Aries Sun.  Pluto-Sun influences are usually powerful for us in terms of their lingering impact. They are often life changing as well as life defining. We have major Pluto-Sun influences (conjunction, square, opposition) only a handful of times, depending on the length of our lives.

The Sun denotes one’s “basic urge to be,” one’s essential life purpose. While Pluto represents the “urge for rebirth and transformation.” The “square aspect”  usually suggests inner tension, conflict, and, as a consequence, often galvanizes us into action. The square is not an “easy influence,” by any means, especially when obsessive, intense Pluto is involved.  Pluto’s concentrated energy can make us feel significant inner pressure and stress.

When Pluto aspects our Sun, those episodes of “destiny” or “fate” routinely seem to come into play. It could be, if we personally spoke with Nancy Pelosi now, she would perhaps tell us that she was “born” for this very moment in time.  Pluto experiences often make us feel that way, make us feel that we are here to perform a “special mission” on earth.

Often under Pluto’s  influence, we do become agents of transformation and change, and occasionally this takes place on a historic level, as Pluto rules the masses. Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a Sagittarian, was originally nominated for that particular post with Pluto conjunct Sun. Interestingly enough, Pluto also rules credit, debt, and insurance. President Barack Obama also just signed the Health Care Bill into law, moments ago, when the transiting Moon (ruling timing) was at 5 degrees of Cancer and exactly opposed to Pluto (with Pluto representating health reform) at 5 degrees of Capricorn. I believe this is very symbolic of history in the making.  Capricorn also rules government.

Pluto additionally represents our urge for power. It’s arrival into our lives often coincides with situations that test our ability to both attract and wield power. Power struggles with others typically ensue under Pluto’s ray. Nancy Pelosi has certainly experienced these scenarios this past week and continues to do so. (She has Pluto-Sun strong for the next 2 years.)

I believe she has, however, passed the preliminary Pluto “power test.”  Regardless of whether you agree with her politics or not, she has certainly shown she has a good measure of leadership skills and ability. She is, after all, a fiery, pioneering Aries with an intense, focused, deeply passionate Scorpio Moon – hallmarks of a natural born leader and warrior. (The Moon governs our emotional nature.)  Aries Sun-Scorpio Moon people are often polarizing, controlling figures, but at the end of the day, they often get the job done, for whatever it is they believe in. You always know that they have “walked the earth,” so to speak.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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