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“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” Frank Lloyd Wright.

We still have the harmonious Mars Saturn energy to tap into today that bodes well for any activities that call for sustained, disciplined use (Saturn) of our resources (Mars).  This energy is very grounding, stabilizing. It endows us with more patience. It’s propitious for any long-term planning, organization. We may not see huge tangible results from our efforts now, but we are planting important seeds for our future. This influence may also help us on the romance, relationship front to the extent that it is positive for solidifying ties.

The Moon continues her passage through home-loving Cancer.  Focusing attention on our living quarters serves us well now.  With spring here, we may want to get the house cleaning and or redecorating into full swing. Or, perhaps work in the yard tilling the soil, maybe planting pansies or other colorful flowers. The creation of a hearty home-cooked meal always holds extra appeal, too, when the Moon is in this food-oriented sign.

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” Luciano Pavarotti and William Wright, Pavarotti, My Own Story

Famous Persons born on this day: Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger, Actor Steve McQueen, TV Personality Star Jones, Italian Writer Dario Fo.

In the News: Leo President Barack Obama (b. 8/4/61) signed the health care reform bill into law Tuesday, a historic day for the nation and a huge victory for the President and Democrats. Obama’s landmark achievement occurred while he had transiting Saturn harmonious (sextile) to his Mercury and favorable (trine) to his Jupiter.  These are both excellent, stabilizing influences for our ideas (Mercury) and long-range dreams (Jupiter).  Favorable Saturn aspects are also generally “payback influences” in which we reap the rewards for our past efforts.

Saturn represents our sense of duty and responsibility. It is concerned with concrete achievement and accomplishment. It represents the “safety urge.”  With Saturn, we attempt to increase our stature and standing in the world, our “level of respectability” so as to feel safer, more secure. The Saturn-Jupiter influence is an especially wonderful aspect, a classic “success aspect.”  It denotes a time of balance and order in our lives when our attempts to reach out in the world and expand our horizons are usually met with favor.  Jupiter represents our “urge for expansion.”  It is also the planet associated with “lucky breaks” and prosperity. When we have good Jupiter aspects, we feel on top of the world and are more optimistic about ourselves and our possibilities. The positive Jupiter Saturn influence can be very self-assuring for us, especially when it provides us with verifiable feedback that we are expanding in the “right direction.”  President Obama had this influence first start in late October early November 2009.  Now with Saturn retrograde (backwards) he is having it again now and then will have it a final time late July early August.  (Before that President Obama last had Saturn trine Jupiter back in the fall of 2000 and then again for a while in early 2001.) The Saturn-Mercury influence President Obama now has is also apt to make him feel more confident and secure in the wisdom of expressing his opinions and also perhaps more serious-minded as Saturn tends to add gravity to our outlook.

Simultaneously, the President also has aggressive Mars sitting smack on his Mercury for about the next week to ten days.  This influence generally speeds up our thought processes, often making it harder for us to even sleep at night, as our mental energy is so high and we are bombarded with ideas. It’s kind of a “manic influence,” but it can be very positive in the sense that we can be very effective at selling our ideas to others now, with tremendous passion and conviction, as long as we do not deliberately antagonize people, and that is the concern here.  Mars is the warrior planet and we can make others mad and angry if we come across too pushy, argumentative or ego-involved.  That is where the concurrent Saturn sextile to Mercury can hopefully help President Obama out and maybe reign in the Mars ego. Saturn helps to “restrain us.”  Obviously, the health care reform issue is a volatile, controversial subject now, he needs to win over people to his side.  Mars Mercury gives him a huge mental momentum for his ideas he just needs to continue to simultaneously carefully demonstrate sensitivity to divergent viewpoints, which can be harder to do with Mars because with Mars Mercury we often just “know we are right” and our ego is so closely integrated with our opinions.

Peace and love, everyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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