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“Man loves company even if it is only that of a small burning candle.” – George Christoph Lichtenberg

The Moon enters the nesting sign of Cancer at 2:16 am EDT. When the Moon is in this sign we’re more inclined to focus on safety, security issues. We have a greater need to feel loved, especially to feel that we belong to somebody or something.  A sense of belonging is, of course, always important to us, but it is especially pivotal to the Cancerian mindset.

The Moon today faces challenging aspects from the likes of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto. Consequentially, the potential for power struggles exists.  We may want to be more mindful of this and monitor our behavior. It would probably a good day to avoid discussing more heated topics.  Also, being put on the defensive now could have us questioning whether or not we do really fit in or belong.

Our best strategy today is to remember to look for the positive in each situation.  To note that each thing that happens to us, happens for a good reason. Once we are able to understand the meaning and purpose of an event or experience, we are better able to integrate it into our lives and grow from it. Regarding any unpleasant emotions that we may experience today, we should simply let them flow through us, so that way we can release them and move on.

Famous persons born this day: Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, Singer Chaka Khan, Writer Julia Glass, Race Car Driver Craig Breedlove.

In Current News: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi successfully rallied “her troops” to pass the Senate’s version of the Health Care Bill (March 21, 2010).  Ms. Pelosi (born 3/26/40) presently has transiting Pluto at 5 degrees of Capricorn squaring her 5 degree Aries Sun.  Pluto-Sun influences are powerful and are often life changing and life defining.  The Sun denotes one’s “basic urge to be,” one’s life purpose. While Pluto represents the “urge for rebirth and transformation.” The “square aspect”  usually suggests inner tension, conflict, and, as a consequence, often galvanizes us into action. The square is not an “easy influence,” by any means, especially when obsessive, intense Pluto is involved.  Pluto’s concentrated energy can make us feel significant inner pressure and stress.

When Pluto aspects our Sun, those episodes of “destiny” or “fate” routinely seem to come into play. It could be, if we personally spoke with Nancy Pelosi now, she would perhaps tell us that she was “born” for this very moment in time.  Pluto experiences often make us feel that way, make us feel that we are here to perform a “special mission” on earth. Often under it’s influence, we do become agents of transformation and change, to some extent, and occasionally this takes place on a historic level, as Pluto rules the masses. Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, a Sagittarian, was originally nominated for that particular post with Pluto conjunct Sun. Interestingly enough, Pluto rules credit, debt, and insurance.

Pluto additionally represents our urge for power. It’s arrival into our lives often coincides with situations that test our ability to both attract and wield power. Power struggles with others typically ensue under Pluto’s ray. Nancy Pelosi has certainly experienced these scenarios this past week and continues to do so. (She has Pluto-Sun strong for the next 2 years.)  I believe she has, however, passed the preliminary Pluto “power test.”  Regardless of whether you agree with her politics or not, she has certainly shown she has a good measure of leadership skills and ability. She is, after all, a pioneering Aries with an intense Scorpio Moon – both hallmarks of a natural born leader and warrior.  Aries Sun-Scorpio Moon people are often polarizing, controlling figures, but at the end of the day, they often get the job done, for whatever it is they believe in. You always know that they have “walked the earth,” so to speak.

Peace and love, everyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

copyright 2010

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