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“Progress imposes not only new possibilities for the future but new restrictions.” Norbert Weiner.

The Sun’s enthusiastic entry into trailblazing Aries garners some formidable resistance from restrictive Saturn today. We may feel  weighed down by our obligations, commitments. The new beginnings that we are wanting to initiate may have to be temporarily reconfigurated or even put on hold until we can overcome the immediate hurdles along our pathway.  All is not lost though: We do have the Sun favorable to leadership Mars in Leo, so we can make some noteworthy forward progress.  But the headway is still likely going to be coupled with some measure of limitation or opposition, kind of like a tug of war.

The Moon in changeable Gemini also wants us to provide her with a menu of eclectic experiences today, not just meat and potatoes. In Gemini, the Moon is perennially inquisitive, communicative, information-gathering.  She prefers us to strike up myriad conversations, so she can be privy to everything going on around her.

Famous persons born this day: Comedienne Rosie O’Donnell, Singer Sarah Jane Morris, Entrepreneur/Winemaker Julio Gallo, Comic/Entertainer Vince Sorrenti

Memorable event on this date in history: March 21, 1980 – The fictional  TV character “J.R. Ewing” of Dallas, portrayed by actor Larry Hagman, was shot in the episode A House Divided.  In the Who Done It episode that aired several months later on Dallas on November 21, 1980, it was revealed that character “Kristin Shepard,” played by Mary Crosby, had shot J.R. in a fit of anger. An estimated 83 million people tuned in to see the “who shot JR episode.”  That episode remains the highest Nielsen rated, non-finale show, in the history of television.

At the time the Who Done It episode aired, Larry Hagman (born 9/21/31) had “lucky” transiting Jupiter at 4 degrees Libra in his horoscope exactly trine (harmonious) to his natal Moon at 4 degrees of Aquarius.  The Moon rules one’s public image and also one’s emotional nature. Jupiter represents the “expansive urge” and when it is favorable to the Moon, it often coincides with great professional success, spiking popularity with the public, in addition, to deep feelings of emotional well-being. Also, the Moon rules Larry’s 6th house of employment in his horoscope.

(On a personal note, I can’t believe that 30 years has gone by since that episode aired.  Can you?)

Peace and love, everyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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