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Just as Mars, the fiery red planet, went direct in Leo Wednesday, Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) did combat with the national press during a House debate over the war in Afghanistan. Kennedy lambasted the media for focusing on the likes of Eric Massa rather than the war in Afghanistan, calling the press “despicable.” Massa, is a democratic congressman from New York who announced March 3 that he was not going to run for reelection due to a reoccurrence of cancer. Since then, rumors of sexual harrasment have been flying around Massa.

In astrology, Mars is the planet associated with the “aggressive urge.”  It is also the planet that rules war and the military. On Wednesday, Mars moved direct in Leo, the sign of leadership, after being retrograde (appearing backward in the sky) since December 20th.  Mars going direct means it’s a time  that we can finally, passionately move forward again with our goals and aspirations. When Mars is retrograde, our forward progress is temporarily stalled. The retrograde phase is more a period for reviewing and strategizing. Since Mars also symbolically represents war, when it goes direct, it is a often a time when war-related matters may come to the forefront in a new way.

Patrick Kennedy was born under the emotional and sentimental sign of Cancer the Crab (birthdate July 14, 1967). In his horoscope now he has Mercury, governing speech, opposite Pluto in Virgo in his tenth house of career. Mercury, by the way, also rules the press corps. Mercury-Pluto is often an enormously, emotionally-gripping time for us when we may finally verbalize important things that have been bottled up inside us for a while.  Even though the aspect is only in effect for a few days, it can be a time of deep inner-self discovery and keen mental insights.  There is also always a forceful and obsessive quality to Pluto and if you saw Kennedy Wednesday, he started out talking and then started to shout during his speech. That was Pluto in action.  Pluto can also be very controlling, manipulating and brutally honest.

Pluto symbolically represents our most powerful, mysterious core energy. It is energy that resides at our deepest levels of being and  is normally hidden away.  Often when Pluto’s ray is suddenly ignited in our lives, it is virtually akin to an atomic blast (which Pluto also literally rules).  Pluto is associated with destruction and death. It is also symbolic of rebirth and the Phoenix rising from its’ own ashes.

Pluto also rules the masses and historic events. When we have Pluto influences in our chart, suddenly we can appear on a world stage, often as a result of an explosive event or controversy.  About what happened yesterday with Rep. Patrick Kennedy in wake of his intense speech (Mercury) on the House floor. He was also addressing a poignant, harsh Mars-Pluto reality: the matter of young soldiers’ lives being lost due to war.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

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