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The very day that Mars turned direct in Leo, about 200 women pilots were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal Wednesday for their service to the U.S. during World War II.  Referred to as “Women Airforce Service Pilots” or WASPS, these women were the first women to fly U.S. military planes. The women flew noncombat missions during World War II.  Because of their noble efforts, more male pilots were able to fly in the military abroad.

The Associated Press reports that while 38 of these women aviators died in service, they were not originally regarded as military members and did not receive pay and benefits as men. Finally, in 1977 they were granted veteran status. The WASPS dissolved in 1944. These women pilots being recognized are now in their 80s and 90s.

In astrology, Mars is known as the energy planet. It drives our desires.  It is also the archetype for the “aggressive urge” and governs war, soldiers and the military.  It went direct in the heavens on Wednesday in the proud sign of Leo.  With Mars in forward, or direct motion, we are supposedly better able to move forward in our lives.  Mars had been retrograde (appearing backward in the sky) since December 20th, a time characterized as best for strategizing future courses of action.

With Mars shifting direct  in Leo, it seemed the universe was finally allowing for the direct recognition and homage that these gallant female military aviators deserved.  Leo also rules gold, and they were honored with a gold medal.

Also on Wednesday, the Moon was in Capricorn which represents government.  At the time of the congressional ceremony, the Moon, governing women, was making a favorable aspect to the planet Uranus in Pisces.  Uranus rules aviation.  A harmonious time to spotlight important aviation history.  Interesting, too, the sign Pisces represents disenfranchised or under-represented groups and these women’s “aviator efforts” were largely ignored for many years.  In accepting the award for the group,WASP aviator Deanie Parrish said the women had volunteered to fly the planes without the idea that they would ever be noticed for what they did.  Pisces is also a self-effacing sign, so that remark fit in perfectly with the mindset of the sign.

Additionally noteworthy here from an astrological standpoint: Venus, which also rules females, moved into Aries last Sunday.  Aries is the zodiacal sign ruled by Warrior Mars.  Venus in Aries could be descriptive of a “female member of the military.”

Finally, another astrological aspect on Wednesday that I thought played a key part in this event for these women was “Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn.”  Pluto, as ruler of the sign Scorpio, is associated with intensely emotional, transformational experiences.  It symbolizes the “regenerative urge.” Pluto also rules death.  There is always a “purge” or “healing quality” to Pluto that is tied to the past.  So the Venus-Pluto energy was very fitting and timely as a way for our government (Capricorn) to put a healing cap on events of the past involving these special female (Venus in Aries) aviators who also, in the course of doing their duties, served as transforming role models for women.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated Wednesday that these women had gone too long unrecognized. She also told them, “Women Air Force Service Pilots, we are all your daughters, you taught us how to fly.”

Written by Patricia Thompson

Copyright 2010

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