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“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller.

It’s one of those days in which we may long to be far away from where we are.  We still have the Moon in exploratory Aquarius beckoning us to break free from our predictable molds. In Aquarius, the Moon is never content with preserving the status quo.  She would rather have discontent and chaos any day over safety.

We also have love diva Venus still in the early part of pioneering Aries. After meeting up with restrictive Saturn and then controlling Pluto the last couple days, she’s itching to cut loose and say “Arrivederci, baby!”  Venus also represents what we love doing the most and when she is Aries what we love is action and daring. Mars in Leo is also energizing us and wanting us to set bigger agendas for ourselves in all departments. So the bottom line.  Even if we only drive home a different way from work today, we should incorporate some measure of adventure into our lives now. Hopefully, though, we can do more than that.  Changing things up, adding some spice to our lives, may help us to see our circumstances in a whole new more exciting light now.

Famous persons born on this day: Cornerback Antonio Banks, race car driver John Andretti, singer Marlon Jackson, baseball slugger Dale Murphy, singer Liza Minelli.

Memorable event in history on this date: March 12, 1969 – Beatle Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman in London. In their wedding chart that day, Venus, the relationship planet and love goddess, was conjoined with serious Saturn, ruling longevity. When Venus and Saturn are together they tend to produce a deep level of commitment and shared responsibility.  Venus-Saturn relationships tend to endure the test of time.

Also on that day, the lucky planet Jupiter was actually in the marriage sign of Libra. Jupiter was conjunct innovative and unconventional Uranus suggesting in addition to the union being a stable one (Venus-Saturn) it would also be out of the ordinary in many ways and there would be a comfort level in the partnership for adapting to change and newness.

Paul also has Venus in his horoscope in faithful, steady Taurus. Linda had her Venus in possessive, intense Scorpio.  When the love planet is in either of those two fixed signs, that is another indication of  individuals who are seeking more permanence in their relationships. Paul also has his expansive Jupiter in the domestic and family loving sign of Cancer.  Home and family are deeply important to him and central to his feelings of well-being. Paul is the happiest when he has a home and warm loving family to come home to.  He is also very nurturing himself and naturally protective of his loved ones.

Peace and love, everyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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