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Lively Venus and Uranus have been conjunct or joined together in Pisces the last few days. Venus is the relationship diva.  She  rules our “urge for love.” While Uranus rules our “urge for individuality.”

The sign of Pisces has to do with “redemption” and “salvation” issues, and represents disenfranchised groups or those who may not fit easily into the homogenized fabric of a society.

In traditional astrology, the Venus-Uranus conjunction has often been billed as the “classic divorce aspect” when found in a personal horoscope. This may also be true, too, because guess who has Venus exactly conjunct Uranus in their chart?  Elizabeth Taylor!

The main reason for these two planets having this particular volatile wrap put on them is because when you get them together there’s usually an insatiable desire for personal freedom within the scope of all relationships. Venus loves her freedom here – and freedom doesn’t always necessarily gel well within the confines of many typical long-term relationships, where a steady commitment and shared focus are required.

Plus, Uranus, the rebel innovator, likes a high level of excitement in romance, and can get quickly bored with more of the familiar and mundane aspects of a committed relationship. Additionally, typical Venus-Uranus unions often are unconventional.

Often when these two planets are aligned there also seems to be more progress or at least more of a spotlight in the news on gay-friendly issues which would fall under the umbrella of Venus-Uranus. The pairing of these two planets seems to foster a more tolerant and accepting viewpoint or climate, within the collective, at least temporarily, for more non-traditional alliances.

Also, getting back to Elizabeth Taylor for a moment, as an example of someone who has Venus conjunct her Uranus in her chart.  She has been an outspoken advocate for gays and has supported AIDS’ fund-raising from the beginning, before it was popular to do so.  When this aspect, or really any Venus Uranus aspect, appears in a personal horoscope, it seems to foster, within the person, more of a tolerance and even a close affinity for people who are more apart from the mainstream.  Cher also has this same aspect in her horoscope.  Ellen Degeneres has Venus exactly opposite her Uranus which acts in a similar manner.

Also  Elizabeth Taylor had a deep, very close personal relationship with Michael Jackson which many people could not quite understand. That relationship could also be categoried as being Venus-Uranus.  Venus-Uranus often befriends the underdog.  Also, Uranus rules genius and originality and Venus-Uranus often means relationships with very creative and original types of people as well.

Here is a little bit of the “Venus and Uranus legacy” from this past week:

March 3: Laws allowing same sex marriage in Washington, D.C. went into effect

March 3: Gay people may now finally receive communion across the diocese of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.

March 3: World Read Aloud Day encouraged human bonding on a global basis to foster awareness of literacy (See my earlier blog about this one in detail.)

March 3: President Obama’s push yet again for individual health care

March 4:  Law allowing same-sex marriages took effect in Mexico city

March 4: Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut introduced “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Bill” on Capitol Hill.  The bill would ban discrimination against service members on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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