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“Get your facts first, and then you can distort ’em as much as you please.” Mark Twain.

With the Moon continuing her passage through romantic, social Libra, we hold out hope that our relationships may save us.  Save us from what, we are not exactly sure.  Maybe from ourselves.  At any rate, we are more eager to please.  More vulnerable to flattery.

Libra is ruled by beauty-loving Venus. Combined with a plethora of  planets in creative, imaginative Pisces, the energy surrounding us now bodes well for any of our more artistic impulses. Our aesthetic appreciation is inclined to be enhanced.

At the close of the day, sensitive Mercury in Pisces apprehensively meets up with hard-core realist Saturn in Libra. Meaning: Any grand illusions we may have had earlier about other people, may suddenly fall by the wayside.

Unfortunately, it’s Saturn’s lonesome job to bring us back down to reality.  Mercury in Pisces does not like to hear about the cold hard facts from Saturn.  So we all go to bed with a headache and a chocolate bar, along with a glorious Piscean hope of yet a brighter day tomorrow.

Famous Persons born on this day: Jennifer Jones, Bon Jovi, Bob Mackie, Karen Carpenter

Memorable event in history on this date: The debut of Time magazine, March 2, 1923.

Looking up in the sky that day, we see that curious Mercury was moving through Aquarius.  Mercury is the communication planet that rules news reporting. When Mercury is in Aquarius, it is considered to be at its strongest placement out of all of the twelve zodiacal signs.  We usually see a greater faculty for abstract thinking and objectivity when Mercury is stationed here.

Also, on that same day, transiting Mars, ruling  passion and energy, was at home and very strong in its native trail-blazing sign of Aries. With Mars in Aries, we usually have boundless enthusiasm and drive, and a burning desire to be number one. It is a very competitive placement, and usually indicative of an entity that is very pioneering.

The transiting Sun in imaginative Pisces was also conjoined trend-setter Uranus when Time was launched. Uranus governs innovation and originality.

The Sun’s counterpart, the Moon, which rules public perception, was also in analytical, resourceful Virgo that day.  So the general perception from the public about the publication would likely have been that it was a very informative and thorough source for news, as Virgo is meticulous when it comes to details.  A perception that surely persists today.   Happy birthday, Time!

Peace and love, everyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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