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We are a psychic process which we do not control, or only partly direct.  Consequently, we cannot have any final judgment about ourselves or our lives.” Carl Jung.

It’s the first day of March and Mercury, which rules our communication and thinking, joins four of his other comrades – the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus – in the otherworldly, extra-sensory zone of Pisces the Fish.  Mercury officially enters Pisces at 8:28 am ET.  It will stay in this sign until March 17.

With Mercury in Pisces, our preferred method of communication may be telepathy versus the spoken word.  Pisces is a very intuitive and psychic sign.  Mercury in Pisces tends to make us mentally react more from the subconscious, emotional realm than from reason and logic.

One footnote here: Because the transiting Moon is still in keenly analytical Virgo today, that  influence may temporarily help to mute or diffuse the more Piscean or feeling-inspired approach to our reasoning.

Mercury also makes an awkward inconjunct influence to impatient Mars in leadership Leo today.  We may be called upon to assert ourselves in ways that may make us feel uncomfortable, or be pressured to make decisions that we would prefer not to make.  We also need to be mindful that we don’t misplace our aggression and say things that are not warranted.

The mood is much more social once the Moon enters relationship Libra at 7:31 pm ET, where it will extend a favorable ray to Mars as the evening progresses.  This may bode well for our chance for romance.

Famous persons born this day: Ron Howard, Tyler Hampton, Harry Belafonte, Lorraine Hunt.

Memorable event in history on this day: President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps.  The heavens also gave the program a thumbs up.  The transiting Sun was in volunteer-minded Pisces and in an exact harmonious trine influence to spiritual, compassionate Neptune, which was in the regenerating, transforming sign of Scorpio.  Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces and  governs volunteer service.

Also, lucky and expansive Jupiter, which rules travel abroad, was also conjunct ambitious Saturn, in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of the zodiac that rules government.  Jupiter and Saturn conjunct is generally deemed to be one of the most propitious influences of all in astrology, particularly for undertaking new activities.

For those who may not know much about it, the Peace Corps is an American volunteer program that is operated by the U.S. government. Each Peace Corps volunteer is a U.S. citizen and agrees to work overseas for a certain length of time in various areas related to international development.

Peace and love eveyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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