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As the illuminating Sun, continues for a second day, its investigatory sextile aspect into Pluto, the Lord and Keeper of all things Hidden and Secret, we are coincidentally learning more about Toyota’s alleged product safety protocol and how the automaker and regulators allegedly handled the crisis with the accelerator problem that has been in the news.  A U.S. House subcommittee is holding a hearing in Washington on the matter and Toyota executives are appearing before that body this week. (Please refer to my earlier blogs this week for more information on the Pluto-Sun influence.)

The timing for the hearing is very fitting, in an astrological sense, as the transiting Moon has been in the sign of Gemini, ruling transportation, for the last two days.  The Sun Pluto aspect, only lasts a couple days or so, in its duration, but often it is very powerful in its alleged consequences.  This influence often coincides with light being shed on matters that were previously hidden or not widely known. Importantly, too, we are not assigning blame here or anything on Toyota, just simply stating the nature of how Pluto “tends” to operate when it’s called into prominence in our lives and circumstances.  We have Sun Pluto sextile aspects like the present one a couple times a year.

Also, keep in mind, nothing is a given and or a certainty with anything in astrology.  Astrology only deals with suggested trends similar to weather forecasting.  You get a set of variables and certain things may happen, but then again, they may not.  Also, the matter of whether the physical planets or heavenly bodies actually directly “cause” anything themselves to happen, is not known.  It could be that there is a mysterious synchronistic link between the heavens and events on earth that cannot be explained or understood.  One thing’s for sure, the heavens have always been a source of fascination for us since the beginning of time.

With that said, the general nature of Pluto tends to be enigmatic and related to matters that are hidden.  Often when it’s ray is activated  in our lives, we hear about, or are privy to finding out about subterfuge and corruption, cover-ups, covert plots. Often secret, hidden forces are detected, captured and or revealed, for one reason or the other.  Pluto rules the underworld and all things subterranean. It also rules the masses.  Sometimes with Pluto, too, we may hear about scientific findings that end up eventually altering or shaping our behavior or changing the composition of how products are later made.  It’s affect is usually long-lasting and transformational.

Pluto is regarded in astrology as the Master Detective and Ultimate Investigator.  Pluto is characterized as always getting to the core of matters.  Its focus is often  intense, unflinching, even obsessive. Sometimes it can even be deadly and violent, as Pluto rules death, as well as rebirth.  Pluto, quite appropriately here, even governs x-rays and x-ray vision.

Meanwhile, whenever the transiting Sun links up with a planet, it will temporarily “light up” or “illuminate” the matters or areas of activity that are governed by the planet receiving the Sun’s ray.  In this case, Pluto is the recipient of the Sun’s focus.

Of course, once again, in the real world, whether the Pluto Sun alignment and the Moon in the transportation sign of Gemini has anything to do with what is going on in Washington with the subcommittee hearing, is only pure conjecture and speculation.  At the same time, it is fascinating, from a humble astrological perspective, to see this hearing simultaneously occurring while Lord Pluto is figured prominently in the sky above.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

copyright 2010

New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/24/business/global/24toyota.html


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