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What do former U.S. President Bill Clinton, a Leo, and England’s Prince Andrew, a Pisces, both have in common in their horoscopes? They both have sexy Venus Mars conjunctions!

Venus rules our love urge and represents our power of attraction, while Mars rule our sexual natures.  Generally, when we have these two planets conjunct, or together, we are often more popular and likable, especially with the opposite sex. This configuration can also produce a strong sex drive in us.

Clinton’s Venus Mars conjunction is in sociable, outgoing, diplomatic Libra, and is out in the open in his powerful first house, giving him an extra measure of personal charm and charisma.  He also has beguiling, fantasizing Neptune conjunct his Venus Mars alignment.  The Venus Neptune tie can make him fantasize about an ideal love, while the Mars Neptune link can bestow a savior complex upon him. Clinton also has his emotional Moon in sensual Taurus in his 8th house.  A Taurus Moon usually gives a fondness for creature comforts, tactile pleasures, and things of beauty.  When the Moon is in the 8th house, there is also a tendency to be very secretive and passionate.

Prince Andrew’s Venus Mars conjunction is in the more disciplined, status-conscious, controlled sign of Capricorn. This conjunction is more hidden from view, however, than Clinton’s, as it is in Prince Andrew’s sixth house of health and work.  Prince Andrew’s probably quite persuasive and friendly to be around in a workplace setting.

Like Clinton, Prince Andrew can also naturally keep a secret, with his Moon in the private sign of Scorpio.  That Moon sign can also incline him to be a bit more emotionally guarded and intense.  Prince Andrew may also have a wild, freedom-loving streak in him, and perhaps a good amount of ego, more so than you would expect for a watery, emotional Pisces.  He has a kingly Leo Ascendant, with rebel, highly individualistic Uranus sitting on it. The Ascendant is how we come across to the world, and Leo is a self-confident, take-charge fire sign.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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