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An awkward blend of energies lurking around us today.  We start off the day with a stable, slower-paced Taurus Moon, but then at 1:47 pm ET the Moon enters restless, communicative Gemini and we sort of become another entity altogether and are unable to sit still.

My take is for us to chill out and relax while the Moon is in self-indulgent Taurus. Eat pancakes, luxuriate in our surroundings, maybe leisurely commune with nature.  Then when the Moon enters Gemini, we can elevate our level of active participation in the world and communicate with our surroundings.  Gemini is always a grand time for us to focus on any writing or speaking matters. Catch up with all the email, social media interactions. Maybe make those perfunctory calls to our in-laws.

The reflective Sun in Pisces is also in an inconjunct or “adjustment influence” to serious Saturn in partnership Libra. That may call for us to alter or modify our strategy somewhat for our close relationships. We may also have to call upon our faith more to see us through in this area.

Famous persons born on this day: Nina Simone, Erma Bombeck, Anais Nin, Kelsey Grammer.

Extra astrological tidbit for today: Energizing Mars is at 2 degrees of kingly Leo, the sign that rules entertainment.  It was at this same exact spot on 6/18/42. Back on that date, both Beatle Paul McCartney and film critic Roger Ebert were born.

Do you know where your Mars is and what it’s been up to?  It’s important to keep up with that little guy.  He rules our aggressive urge and gets us impassioned to do whatever it is we do in our daily lives.  He also rules another area: our sex drives.  Think of all the elaborate tales he could tell about us to the world in that department if only he could talk!

Peace and love everyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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