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The ever-changing Moon continues her self-indulgent, steady stroll through earthy, Venus-ruled Taurus today. With it being a  Saturday, hopefully, many of us will be able to spoil ourselves with an extra measure of pleasure-filled, self-pampering, Venusian activities.

Of course, one natural and fitting way for us to best express ourselves now is through immersion into our physical attachments and material possessions, as the Taurus mindset is all about what we own and have. I believe the female translation for this today is: Girls, it’s a great day to shop!

We may want to wait, however, till mid-afternoon ET to do this. Let the Moon get past indecisive, fickle Mercury. Otherwise, we may be inclined to later return what we buy today.

Famous persons born on this day: Kurt Kobain, Ivana Trump, Gordon Brown, Sidney Poitier, Patty Hearst

Now for some of my added astrological observations:

The much-awaited, fairy tale betrothal of Love Goddess Venus to Lucky Lord Jupiter in Pisces, this week, did not disappoint. And, while the full legacy of this union may not really be known for years, their magical conjunction in Pisces has already spawned for us a rich testament of different layers of the Piscean experience to sift through and reflect upon.

In astrology, Venus and Jupiter are both considered benefic influences.  Venus, the relationship planet, rules our power of attraction and Jupiter is our expansive urge.  When the two are conjoined together in a sign, there seems to be more of a natural abundance, especially for the specific affairs of the zodiacal sign in which the conjunction occurs in.

Also, due to the intrinsic, expansive nature of Jupiter, the events and persons involved with this planet, often seem to revolve or are centered around colossal deals or big iconic names.  Jupiter never does anything small, especially when it is paired with the attracting principle of Venus.

Prior to this past week, the last time Venus and Jupiter were aligned together in Pisces was in 1998. (Please refer to my earlier blogs this week for more information here.)

Also, to briefly recap here the meaning of Pisces, the sign of the fishes, so as to better understand how this Venus Jupiter conjunction impacts us.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  It represents a state of our consciousness in which we seek to reflect upon the sum total and importance of all of our previous experiences on the earth plane.

Whereas the other signs were generally about our reaching outwardly into the physical world for our self-expression and personal growth, the Pisces experience is more about submerging ourselves into the discovery of our own inner personal worlds, and focusing our attention on the realm of our spirituality and the matter of our immortality.

In Neptune-ruled Pisces, we develop and channel our own inner creativity and imagination, while simultaneously pondering our link to the Divine.   We become less focused on our own needs and more focused on the needs of the people and the world around us.

Ideally, we start to manifest more of a divine compassion and wisdom. We are more willing and inspired to forgive and forget  transgressions against us, as well as to overlook imperfections in others.  We also become more aware of and focus on our own limitations and shortcomings, and correspondingly seek to find ways to escape from whatever confines or ails us.

Pisces specifically rules the following areas: Creative self-expression, such as films, music, art, dance, poetry, writing; matters pertaining to religion, our spirituality, our confessions and atonement; drugs, as a way to relieve our suffering, as well as purveyors of drugs, including pharmacies; all places of confinement and rehab treatment centers, such as prisons, shelters, and hospitals; all addictions; our dreams, fantasies, and idealism; and, anything to do with the sea and water-related, as Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, rules the sea.

So here’s some of what Venus and Jupiter bequeathed to us in Pisces this past week:

Monday and Tuesday: Pope Benedict, the head of the catholic church, holds his unprecedented “sex abuse summit” with Irish bishops.  This event demonstrates the spiritual and rehabilitative nature of Pisces, trying to come to terms with all manner of human flaws, imperfections, and addictions, and the weaknesses and limitations of the flesh, and the matter of atonement.

Tuesday: EMI places Abbey Road Studios in St. John’s Wood, London, up for sale.  Of course, Abbey Road is the famous recording studio all of us baby-boomers in the Western hemisphere know about.  It was where the Beatles, the most significant rock group of all time, as well as other legendary bands like Pink Floyd, recorded their Piscean musical masterpieces in the 60s and 70s.

Tuesday: Queen Mary 2, the largest ocean-liner ever built, another manifestation of the Jupiter oversize principle at work, makes her first port of call in China since her maiden voyage in 2004

Tuesday: Chris Jones’ deeply moving Esquire piece on Roger Ebert, America’s top film critic, about Roger’s heroic and inspiring battle with cancer. What was perhaps most memorable and unforgettable here was the photograph of  the face of Roger Ebert, and how cancer has changed it.  Pisces rules images and photography.  It also rules cancer. Venus and Jupiter in Pisces is wisely and abundantly revealing to all of us here that, while the disease of cancer may have reconfigured Roger’s face to the degree that we no longer physically recognize him, he is really more beautiful than ever, for as we gaze upon Roger’s photo, we know that surely his masterful inner being and soul have triumphed over the ravages of his fragile physical body.

Wednesday: Walgreen Co. the largest drug store chain in the U.S., announced it was buying Duane Reade Holdings Inc. and 257 of its drugstores

Wednesday: PGA Tour announces on Twitter the golfing world’s biggest star, Tiger Woods, would be giving a public statement on Friday

Thursday: U.S. President Barack Obama meets with exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama at the White House.

Friday: The Super Bowl of Piscean confessions:  Tiger Woods delivers his televised apology speech and for 14 minutes, much of the world stood still.

Peace and love everyone.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

copyright 2010

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