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“Security is the chief enemy of mortals.” – William Shakespeare.“

The pace slows down with the Moon entering the stabilizing, steady, practical sign of Taurus at 5:55 am ET. Whenever the Moon moves through earthy Taurus, we are looking to anchor or ground ourselves, usually more in a material sense, as this is the sign that rules money, possessions, and those things that we attach value to, that psychologically add to our feeling of safety and sense of personal wealth.  We are less inclined to gamble with our resources, however, we are more inclined to indulge our senses, as this sign is ruled by Venus, which governs our pleasure instincts.

The energy flow is a little more challenging, this mid-morning, as the Moon squares volatile Mars in egocentric Leo, and then makes a tense aspect to anxious Saturn, early this afternoon. The Mars Saturn energies suggest that we may need to keep our egos and tempers contained and our patience in abundance to avoid possible disputes and clashes.

As the afternoon progresses, however, more harmonious influences to transforming Pluto in Capricorn, come into play,  making dealing with matters of our security and possessions much more advantageous. The Moon Pluto aspect is excellent for any of our long-range strategic planning, especially in the realm of business and our careers.

Friday night, our emotions and spirits are generally upbeat and bright, and our desire for self-indulgence and pleasure rises, as the sensual Taurus Moon makes pleasant aspects to lucky Jupiter, and then to relationship Venus.  Our romantic, social and or entertainment plans are given the go-ahead. Our powers of attraction are elevated.

Famous persons born this day: Prince Andrew, Karen Silkwood. Jeffrey Immelt, Andre Breton.

Astrology Unplugged: A few of my astrological footnotes, observations on former President Bill Clinton, Saturn in the first house, Mars conjunct Venus, Britain’s Prince Andrew, and Tiger Woods.

Caught a video clip on one of the TV networks yesterday, believe it was CNN, of former President Bill Clinton casually talking to reporters, in the aftermath of his recent heart procedure last week.  On the clip, he said something to the affect that he was planning on continuing working a full schedule, but that he would try to get more rest, exercise every day, maybe do more work-related tasks by phone.  In other words, it sounded like he was resonating, as expected, to the presence of the planet Saturn on his Ascendant or first house.

Saturn’s ray usually impinges upon our psyches a more serious, sobering outlook. The very nature of Saturn, the ruler of physical form and matter, is about conservation, and the wise use of our resources, especially when it is on our first house, which rules our bodies. Saturn moving through the first house is often a time when many of us are finally able to shed a few pounds due to our increased aptitude for, and willingness to be, more disciplined.  We take our lives and our life purposes much more seriously with Saturn on our Ascendant as we become more aware of our mortality, which Saturn rules.

As I also wrote in my blog last week, Bill Clinton has his birth chart Mars, the energy planet, exactly conjoined his Ascendant, so he tends to have a supercharged, high energy level to begin with.  A reduced schedule for him would probably still include much more in the way of activity than most of us would ever be able to keep up with.

It was also very interesting that the very day that Clinton had the two stents put into his coronary artery, last week, Mars in Leo, in the sky, was in an “adjustment aspect” to Pluto in Capricorn.  Leo is the sign of the zodiac that rules the heart; Mars and Pluto both rule surgery; and Pluto rules regeneration. The insertion of the two stents into his body would symbolically symbolize Pluto.  Capricorn is the sign that also rules world leaders.  Kind of a neat little cosmic tie-in there that I had to slip in.

Additionally, the Mars Pluto aspect that day generated a collective awareness of that heart procedure for the planet, because of Bill Clinton’s specific experience.  I was watching CNN’s Larry King show the same day Clinton had the procedure done last week and Larry also shared that he recently had the same thing done a few weeks earlier.

Bill Clinton also has something in common with today’s birthday boy, England’s Prince Andrew.  They both have  Venus conjunct Mars aspects in their birth chart horoscopes.  Venus rules our love urge and represents our power of attraction while Mars rule our sexual natures.  Normally, when we have those two planets together, we are more popular and likable, especially with the opposite sex.  Clinton’s Venus Mars conjunction is in very sociable Libra, while Prince Andrew’s is in the more disciplined, status-conscious, controlled sign of Capricorn.  Prince Andrew also has a secretive Scorpio Moon inclining him to be more em0tionally guarded.

One last thing.  Today at 11 am ET golfer Tiger Woods will be making his public statement at the PGA tour headquarters in Florida. He reportedly will be making an apology for his behavior  and discussing his future.  I have blogged here about Tiger the last couple days and the fact that he has some excellent astrological influences now in his horoscope for coming before the public.

At the same time, Tiger is also receiving a good measure of criticism now, especially from reporters, because he is reportedly not going to be doing a live press conference today but rather only a press feed.  He will not be answering any reporters’ questions.  As I look at the situation from an astrological perspective, what I see is merely Tiger being Tiger.  From his horoscope, Tiger tends to have a very perfectionist, intense, controlling, and very private nature, due to his Virgo ascendant and Pluto in his first house. Putting forward a controlled image today, versus one of spontaneous expression, fits in perfectly with Tiger’s basic astrological profile and being.

Peace and love.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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