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“The important thing is to concentrate upon what you can do – by yourself, upon your own initiative.” Harry Browne

The pioneering, restless Aries Moon inclines us to want to prove ourselves through action today.  With Aries, we are always working out, at some level, issues of our own self-discovery, usually set to some sort of motion.

Energetic Mars in Leo harmonious to focused Saturn in Libra is also available to give us a steady inner discipline and determination to see our affairs through to completion. It also suggests to us that, for us to really get ahead, we would be well-served to inject diplomacy and best business practices into our strategies today, along with a touch of Leo’s personal flair for the dramatic.  The latter element can further help to distinguish ourselves from the pack.

The advantageous, Venus and Jupiter energy, in spiritual Pisces, still hovers protectively around us, to help heal our personal and collective  Chiron wounds.  It can also help to inspire us with a deeper reservoir of hope and faith, if we but go inside ourselves and meditate or pray.

Additionally, Venus and Jupiter beckon to us to be a beacon of hope and a ray of light to others.  We can do this through our expression of caring and the spreading around of selfless good deeds during the course of our day. Lucky Venus and Jupiter always multiplies back to us, many times over, all the good we put forth in the world, especially when they are together in the humanistic sign of Pisces.

Venus and Jupiter are also all about love, abundant love.  So romance continues to get a go ahead today. Too, the Mars in romantic Leo, favorable to Saturn in relationship Libra energy, is also in there rooting for us, in this department, and also maybe lending to us an extra measure of common-sense here.

Famous persons born on this day: Michael Jordan, Paris Hilton, Huey Newton, and Hal Holbrook.

A couple extra astrological footnotes, observations here: On Monday of this week, when protective by nature Venus, in healing Pisces, made an exact favorable sextile aspect to mysterious Pluto in Capricorn,  the Taliban’s top military commander was captured in a joint operation by U.S. and Pakistani forces in Karachi.  Pluto rules hidden, subversive forces, including terrorists. Venus is also conjunct lucky Jupiter now, and Jupiter is also in the very same favorable sextile to Pluto, paving away for both of these propitious planetary energies to act together in an abundant way to ferret out dark secrets and bounty that Pluto has been holding.   Jupiter always acts in a grand manner, too, and it seems a “big fish” has been caught.

Also, under these very same Venus Jupiter influences,  Pope Benedict XVI, on Monday, symbolically represented by Jupiter in Pisces, convened an unprecedented, two-day sex abuse summit with Irish bishops. Jupiter rules religion, Pluto rules hidden sexual abuse, and Pisces rules spirituality and addictions, as well as rehab for addictions.  The Pope picked an ideal time, with Jupiter and Venus in healing Pisces sextile to Pluto, to focus on the sexual abuse issue.  It remains to be seen, however, what will actually come from the summit, in terms of punishment for the offenders and justice for those who may have been abused.

In Pope Benedict’s birthchart horoscope, he also  has his pioneering Aries Sun, which rules his inner essence, exactly trine to his Neptune, which rules spiritualism and our connection to the Divine.  His Neptune is also in dramatic, showy Leo, in his fifth house of self-expression, so as pope, he is playing a role in life that he is ideally suited for.  In addition, he has his religious Jupiter in Pisces exactly on his Ascendant, giving him a natural philosophical and mystical orientation to life, as well as deep, natural healing qualities.  He also has a fair and balanced Libra Moon giving him a natural diplomacy and know-how with dealing with the public.

Additionally, Neptune, the dissolver and ruler of Pisces, is exactly conjunct Chiron, the wounded warrior, now, and that is another influence that gets us to focus on healing our personal and collective wounds.

Peace and love. Enjoy your day.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Astrologer

Copyright 2010

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