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“It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires.  It must abandon itself to its master passion.” Rebecca West, late English Writer.

Our passions stir, and our emotions deepen, as pleasure-seeking Venus, in tender-hearted Pisces, carries on her  harmonious sextile rendezvous with intense, enigmatic Pluto. Some of us may be completely swept off our feet and transported to a new realm of physical sharing and intimacy.

Always, too, with relationship Venus and transformational Pluto hooking up, the universe offers us a chance to glean fresh insights into our emotional natures, and the matter of our passions, and what heats them up.

Remember, the Balloon Boy incident, last fall?  Many of us were emotionally riveted to our TV’s for hours that afternoon, as that very strange saga was unfolding. Venus and Pluto were also together in the heavens then. However, the energy between them was more frictional; Venus was forming a challenging square aspect to Pluto that day.

While the energy flowing between between these two bodies is more harmonious today, the Balloon Boy incident does capture the essence of the Venus-Pluto configuration. It can implicate and play upon our raw emotions in a powerful way.  Too, with any Venus-Pluto energy, there’s always a chance for emotional manipulation, misuse of  power, and control issues surfacing, and some corresponding backlashes. The best way for us to behave here is too not force our own selfish agendas on other people today.

Creative, assertive Mars retrograde in Leo, favorably sextile to Saturn in partnership Libra, may also help us out here, with respect to any of our power urges getting out of hand. The Mars-Saturn energy can foster within us the practical awareness that to ultimately get ahead in our lives, and stay on top, we must be willing to be disciplined, diplomatic, focused, and hard-working.  The sensitive Pisces Moon also helps to deliver to us more empathy for other people today, as well as imbuing us with more imaginative know-how.

Famous persons born this day: Harvey Korman, Chris Farley, Marisa Berenson, Miranda July.

Peace and love.  Enjoy your day!

Written by Patricia Thompson, astrologer

Copyright 2010

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