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“For you see, each day I love you more.  Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” – Rosemond Gerard.

The universe always has a way of sending us exactly what we need.  All we must do is ask for it. Today, for Valentine’s Day, the emotional Moon moved into the gushy, romantic sign of Pisces, where she will soon meet up with two of her favorite comrades: Love Goddess, Venus, and then Lucky and Protective Jupiter.

The compassionate Pisces message here for all of us today, is to give love, and plenty of it, to everyone in our orbit.  That giving of love, too, also includes giving love to someone we often neglect and forget about: ourselves.

We also need to be open to receiving love. Sometimes, receiving love can even be more difficult than giving love, can’t it? In this regard, we need to kindly, and spiritually, defer to Neptune, as ruler of Pisces, to help us to dissolve  the walls of fear that may be barricading our hearts. Neptune’s work here with us could involve something like, reciting the affirmation, to ourselves, that we are truly worthy of love, and a perfect manifestation of  pure love energy.

There’s an abundance of healing energy around us today, as soothing Venus, moves into a favorable alignment, with regenerating Pluto.

Famous persons born this day: Mike Bloomberg, Hugh Downs, Renee Fleming, Gregory Hines, Jimmy Hoffa

Peace and Love.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Written by Patricia Thompson, Cosmic Life Coach

Copyright 2010

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