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New Moon in Aquarius, February 13, 2010, at 9:51 pm EST

“Hippies, hippies…they want to save the world but all they do is smoke pot and play frisbee!” Eric Cartman.

Tonight’s New Moon, in new-agey Aquarius, conjunct spacey Neptune, conjures up surrealistic images of our past. Specifically, our psychedelic, “hippie past,” of the 1960s, when “do your own thing,” was one of the period-defining mantras. Another characteristic mantra back then was, “tune in, drop out.” Remember, that one?

And, of course, in response to the monstrous, Vietnam War, there was the very popular mantra, still in vogue this very day, “make love, not war.”  Of course, as an astrologer, my favorite one was, “What’s your sign?”

How many of us fondly recall, and perhaps still long for, those days of  hideous bell-bottoms, micro- miniskirts, and Twiggy, minus Vietnam, and the assassinations of the two Kennedy brothers, and Martin Luther King, Jr ?

As many of us know, Aquarius is the sign of “brotherly love,” it gives us an overriding impulse, sort of like we had back in the sixties, to want to bond together, as a collective, embracing all faiths, all nationalities, all zodiacal signs.

Also, with individualistic, freedom-loving Uranus, as the planetary ruler of Aquarius, in this sign, we gain our empowerment from cultivating the expression of our own individual uniqueness, within the greater body of the collective.

Aquarius passionately promulgates the ideology that we are all created equal, and that each of us should be allowed the chance and dignity to “do our own thing.” The horoscope of the U.S., has an Aquarian Moon,  powering us as a nation, to emotionally vibrate to this very same doctrine.

The planet, Neptune, meanwhile, represents our “urge for divine expression.” It makes us long for those mystical, consciousness-raising experiences, or moments, that catapult us beyond the confines, and the limitations of our physical bodies, and the heavy vibrational earth plane. Under Neptune’s ray, we experience a cool flashback, of sorts, to the “tune in, drop out” mentality, of the ancient sixties’ hippies.

Neptune is also fittingly referred to as the “Great Dissolver,” as part of its’ intrinsic function is to make us go beyond, see beyond, the myth and legend of all physical forms.

Neptune additionally rules, perhaps for some of us, many our fondest recollections from the sixties, namely our experiences with “mind-altering drugs” and “hallucinogens.”  Of course, back in the hippie days, before cholesterol checks, and all the other compulsory medical testing of today, many of us had no qualms, whatsoever, about casually swallowing a seemingly harmless pill, like a tab of LSD, on a Saturday night, that could recreationally propel us, almost instantly, into a groovy state of  enlightened Neptune consciousness.  Plus, we were all young, back then, and didn’t care.

Too, with Aquarius, being the sign of invention and scientific discovery, it probably is the zodiacal sign that is most likely the perpetrator, and purveyor, of all those mind-altering, Pisces-inspired drugs, in the first place!

So, tonight, with the celebration of the rebellious New Moon in Aquarius, conjoined drug-friendly Neptune, let us all take an inspirational few moments to pay homage to hippies everywhere, and the glory years of the 1960s, and meditate on how that time period may hold significant evolutionary relevance and meaning for all of us today.

Better yet, let’s get out our hippie beads, burn some incense, and throw a few frisbees tonight.  Of course, some of us may also want to roll a few, you know what, but we’re certainly not advocating any of that here.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, that’s still illegal in most places.

And, one more thing. While we’re playing frisbee, this evening, let’s also all say a silent prayer or meditation for Walter Fredrick Morrison.  He passed away at his home in Monroe, Utah, this past Tuesday, at the age of 90.

Morrison served as an American military pilot in World War II. After he got out of the service, he became an entrepreneur and inventor.  Then, in 1948, Morrison started manufacturing the “Pluto Platter,” that he had earlier invented. The “Pluto Platter” would eventually become known as the “Frisbee” in 1957.

A special memorial service was slated to be held today, at the Cowboy Corral, in Elsinore, Utah, for friends and family members of Walter Fredrick Morrison.  May he rest in peace.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Cosmic Life Coach

Copyright 2010

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