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Former President Bill Clinton was admitted to the hospital today in New York city after suffering chest discomfort.  According to MSNBC, and several other news outlets, Clinton had two stents inserted into his coronary artery, and is reportedly in “good spirits.”  Various news reports, late this evening, including on CNN’s Larry King Show, suggest Clinton may be released from the hospital on Friday.  It was also reported on the show that his heart doctor has given him an “excellent prognosis.” He reportedly had the heart procedure at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

According to the Astro-Databank at astro.com, Clinton was born at 8:51 a.m., August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas.  That birth time, using the Placidus method, gives Clinton a 5 degree 29 minute Libra Rising, or Ascendant. Saturn, also billed as “the Lord of Karma,” is presently retrograde, at 3 degrees of Libra, sitting almost exactly on Clinton’s ascendant, or first house of his chart. This house is associated with new beginnings.  It also rules the physical body.  There are twelve houses in a horoscope, each affecting a different area of our lives.

Saturn to the Ascendant, or first house of a horoscope, is a major planetary transit in one’s life that occurs every 29 years or so.  Saturn has actually been sitting near Clinton’s ascendant since late November of last year. Saturn will cross over this point in late August, and stay in his first house till late 2012. Saturn is called “The Lord of Karma” because he often delivers to us those more challenging and or meaningful experiences, those serious trials and tribulations in our lives, that help to further us along in our spiritual evolution. We also seem to get back, or reap, some of what we have sown with Saturn, for good or bad.

Generally, the basic psychological nature of Saturn, tied in with karma and everything, is more serious and reflective. So, when it passes through the first house, we usually adopt a more sobering orientation or outlook to life.  We may ponder more consequential issues, such as time, and the matter of our mortality.  We hone in and focus on what we really should be doing with the rest of our time on the planet, that would perhaps be most meaningful for us.  In other words, what would be the most effective, practical use of our resources.  Saturn is very utilitarian in scope. Saturn is also actually known as “Father Time.” With Saturn’s passage through the first house, elements in our lives that are no longer working for us, or needed, are often phased out, one way or another. In some cases, our life direction changes.  If we are older, we may scale back our activities, or maybe even retire, at this time.

Saturn rules limitations, restrictions, or contractions, and when it is on the first house, we are often brought face to face with our limitations, be they physical, psychological, and or situational. From an astrological viewpoint, tying in the symbolism of Saturn, it is not surprising, that Clinton would be having surgery to correct a “restricting blood flow issue” in the body at this time.  Too,  Saturn on our Ascendant, doesn’t necessarily mean that we will always have this type of physical issue to contend with.  It’s affects can vary greatly. Most of the time, Saturn’s impact may be more psychological or situational, than actually physical.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s horoscope  also has some other planetary aspects now, that are noteworthy to mention here, in conjunction with the procedure that he had done today.

Transiting Neptune in Aquarius is exactly opposite Bill Clinton’s 26 Leo Sun, with the Sun ruling the life force.  Leo is also the sign of the zodiac that rules the heart.

He also has transiting Pluto, ruling rebirth, regeneration, and surgery, almost exactly square to his Ascendant, at  4 degrees of Capricorn. The square aspect is usually more stressful in its’ impact. The invasive procedure performed on Clinton today, to insert the two stents, would be the “Pluto” or “rebirth” influence at work, from an astrological perspective.

Transiting Jupiter, at 5 degrees of Pisces, is also inconjunct Clinton’s Ascendant now.  That is another influence that tends to be more stressful in its’ impact. The inconjunct is known as the “adjustment” aspect.  Jupiter also happens to rule arterial circulation.  Pisces rules hospitals and health care professionals.

Additionally today, Clinton has transiting Mars at 5 degrees of heart-ruling Leo,  almost exactly sextile to his Libra Ascendant.  Mars actually co-rules surgery, with Pluto.  The sextile influence is generally a more favorable flow of energy.  It is an influence you would  ideally want to have if you were to have surgery.  Surgery, of course, is always potentially dangerous, especially when it’s involving the heart.

Tonight, on NBC Nightly News, it was reported that the stent procedure Clinton had performed today, is very common. They also reported that Clinton had a quadruple bypass operation in 2004, as well as another heart-type procedure in 2005.

Tonight on CNN’s Larry King Show, Larry publicly stated, for the first time, that he also had a procedure done five weeks ago, that was similar to what Clinton had  done today. King said that he was out of the hospital the next day, and right back to work that very evening on the day that he was released.  He said he feels fine.

In Bill Clinton’s horoscope, too, he has his natal, or birth chart Mars, the energy planet, exactly conjunct his Ascendant at 6 degrees of Libra.  That usually endows a person with great amounts of physical energy to begin with.  It’s an influence that athletes often have.  Mars, in fact, rules athletes.  So, even if Clinton scales back now on some of his schedule, or activities, he would still perhaps be inclined to want to do much more than most people would. Clinton also has Neptune exactly conjunct his Mars here, too, giving him great personal charisma, as well as a dreamy and visionary nature.  Mars-Neptune together in a horoscope is sometimes referred to as the “Savior Complex.”  Neptune rules idealism and spiritualism and Mars provides passion for both.

Would also like to point out here, too, that astrology doesn’t predict anything.  It only “suggests possible scenarios.”  The planetary transits work pretty much the same as weather forecasts.  I do think astrology can be very useful to us because it can help put finishing touches on our perceptions, and help to fill in the blanks concerning why things may happen to us, from time to time.  It can also help explain to us why we may be feeling a certain way, it’s a great tool for self-awareness. Too, the matter of personal free will, is another important factor to always consider when looking at any present-day or future transits for people.

In the meantime, we wish former President Bill Clinton well, and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Cosmic Life Coach

Copyright 2010

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