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Love Goddess, Venus,  entered the ever-alluring and fanciful realm of Pisces at 7:10 am EST.  Here she will help us to conjure up imaginary lovers and help us look for a bevy of souls to save, from now until March 7th.  Venus in this sign helps sensitize all of us to pain and suffering, as a natural and necessary part of the human condition.  It also gives us some grand, even hallucinatory illusions and visions, about our romantic partners, be they imaginary or real.  Check out my earlier blog on Venus in Pisces for more psychological insight into Venus’ placement here.

The emotional Moon went, void of course, in stabilizing, practical Capricorn at 7:39 am EST.  Today is a good time for finishing up mundane work tasks, projects. The Moon enters airy Aquarius at 6:24 pm EST and the emotional mood is much lighter, intellectually elevated.  We’re more predisposed to wanting to verbally explain ourselves and our feelings, as well as explore the meaning of our moods, especially with it’s conjunction to inquiring Mercury, the communicator, later this evening.

War lord Mars retrograde, in self-expressive, ego-oriented Leo, is making another stressful 150 degree inconjunct influence today.  This time it’s to power-monger Pluto, in the professional-sign of Capricorn.  This can produce within us a tendency to feel extremely frustrated, aggressive, and domineering, especially with respect to our coworkers. The big cosmic challenge here for us now, is to find a way to  transmute (Pluto) this potentially explosive aggressive energy, (Mars) into an expression that is personally empowering and peace-keeping at the same time.  Part of the solution for us may be to draw upon the burgeoning and understanding Venus in Pisces energy, which can help us to become more sensitized to our coworkers needs and feelings as well.  Venus in Pisces can remind our Mars and Pluto, that we’re really in all of this together, so we had best get along with each other and dispense with all the ego shenanigans and power games.

“It is better we disintegrate in peace and not in pieces.” Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Peace and love.  Enjoy your day.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Your Cosmic Life Coach

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