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“Intense love does not measure. It just gives.” Mother Teresa.

As the cosmos readies all of us for Valentine’s Day, relationship planet, Venus, fittingly slipped spellbound into dreamy, mystical Pisces, today at 7:10 am EST, where she stays until March 7th.  Venus represents our “love urge.”  It shows us what we are passionate about, what we value.  Her passage through the twelve signs of the zodiac gives us an insightful glimpse into our ever-changing passions and values.

Venus’ love expression is exalted in Neptune-ruled Pisces.  Here she finds herself capable of unconditional love and divine compassion. With idealistic Neptune as her mentor, Venus in Pisces can be quite spiritual, and hopeful.  She wants to believe the very best of people. She gives her heart away without thought of what she’s going to get in return. She loves you no matter if you’re rich or poor.

Neptune also rules our creative urges, so natural artist, Venus in Pisces, can be very romantic, and dream up all kinds of imaginative ways to express herself here. She is especially fond of self-expression through poetry, music, dance, photography, and art.

Venus in Pisces does have a soft spot, some might even refer to it as a blind spot, for falling for types “who need rescuing.”  This is because Pisces’ keywords are “serve or suffer,” and Venus in Pisces takes this message to heart. The best way for us to hook Venus here, is to share with her that we have an abundance of problems and pain.  Once she’s made aware of our suffering, she’ll stick to us like glue.

Keep in mind here, too, to get a better handle on where Venus in Pisces’ mindset is coming from: Neptune, as the ruler of the last sign of the zodiac, governs society misfits and castaways of the zodiac – those who did not fit in, or could not be fully integrated, in the experience of the first eleven signs.   Neptune and Pisces  govern actual places of confinement and refuge, such as hospitals, prisons, shelters.  The duo also rule people in the healing profession, such as doctors, nurses, mental health professionals.

Neptune also rules illusion, fantasy,and or make-believe. Neptune indelibly stamps on Venus in Pisces, a tendency to idolize others, instead of seeing people as they are. Venus  in Pisces longs for total  submergence into a relationship.  She wants to be completely romantically swept off her feet and to give herself entirely.   She does not want any boundaries coming between her and the object of her affection. This, again, is because of Neptune’s deep influence on the psyche of this sign.  Neptune deliberately acts as the “Great Dissolver.” He wants to dissolve all the walls and limitations surrounding each of us. He wants all of us to think and act as one.  Pisces is about the struggle of the soul in the body, and the longing for higher spiritual expression beyond the material realm.  Neptune works to dissolve our personal egos.

“Make me immortal with a kiss.” Christopher Marlowe

In the event a relationship does not turn out, as Venus in Pisces had intended, she can be highly disillusioned and depressed.  Her heightened sensitivity also makes dealing with the pain of a break-up or rejection, that much harder.  Of course, she often blames herself for any failures in a relationship.  Even if someone treated her like a doormat, she may still have that person on a pedestal.  Again, it’s about not being able to clearly see others as they really are.  It’s a reflection of Neptune’s intrinsic nature to want to look at everything through rose-colored glasses, to idealize. Also, it’s part of the whole “serve or suffer” Pisces martyr-complex.

So,  with Venus’ passage through sympathetic Pisces, the next few weeks, we should not be surprised if we find ourselves more tender-hearted, and accepting of others. We also may be much more inclined and willing to let our emotional guards down. With Valentine’s coming up, this may be timely and appropriate. The big trick here, however, is not to delude ourselves into seeing things in a relationship, that are not really there. That’s often much easier said then done – especially when Venus is in otherworldly Pisces.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” Albert Einstein.

Venus in Pisces Keywords: gentle, romantic, tends to fantasize, idolize, intuitive, affectionate, seductive, sentimental,  compassionate, sensitive, empathetic, sympathetic, vulnerable, gullible, moody, self-negating, self-defeating, impressionable, artistic, creative.

Famous persons with Venus in Pisces: Actor John Travolta, Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Pianist Arthur Rubenstein, Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr., and Psychic Edgar Cayce.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Cosmic Life Coach

Copyright 2010

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