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Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was charged yesterday in Los Angeles with one-count of involuntary manslaughter in connection with Michael’s death last June.  Prosecutors are alleging that Dr. Murray “unlawfully, and without malice” killed Jackson by administering the powerful anaesthetic, propofol. Murray is now free on 75,000 bail and has pled not guilty to the charge.

NBC’s Today show reported this morning that new information has also come out about Michael Jackson’s death, including that he had enough propofol in his system to allegedly have major surgery performed. ABC’s Good Morning America also stated this morning that the immediate cause of Michael Jackson’s death was due to “acute propofol intoxication.”

Interestingly, the charges against Michael’s doctor were levied yesterday when the benefic love planet, Venus, was simultaneously conjoined Neptune in the sky.  Neptune  is the planet that rules drugs, including propofol.  In fact, when Neptune was discovered back in 1846, is the very same year when the branch of anaesthetics was discovered.

Been writing here,  in my blogs, about the Venus-Neptune conjunction, and how it’s often associated with “make-believe.”  When Michael died last June 25th, at the age of 50, Jupiter was also exactly conjoined Neptune, a very similar astrological influence to Venus-Neptune.  The Venus-Neptune influence here often denotes people we idolize or fantasize about, who are also “otherworldly” in statue and demeanor.  Jupiter is also associated with kings, so it was interesting, symbolically,  when Michael died, that perhaps “drugs” or Neptune, had claimed the “King of Pop.” Neptune also rules music, dancing, and creative self-expression.

Michael’s life on earth was often times like a Neptune fairy-tale, and his mysterious, most likely, drug-related death, also bore this planet’s more insidious hallmarks.  It’s not surprising that this follow-up development yesterday, with the doctor being charged, occurred under Neptune’s watch, with fast-moving Venus acting as a trigger.  The dark side of Neptune is associated with scandals, cover-ups, and hard-to-pin down, elusive behavior.

Initial reports on Nancy Grace’s TV Show on CNN last night indicate that members of the Jackson family are outraged that Dr. Murray was not charged in a more severe fashion.  Such is often the case, though, with Neptune.  It’s often hard to feel that we really have a firm grip on things, especially regarding the true nature of things.  Neptune can als be a very ego-denying and unsettling influence to deal with.  It’s influence is often likened to someone pulling a rug out from under us. Neptune can create confusion and disorientation.

There are also, however, longer-term, significant, and transforming Pluto influences in Michael’s chart, over the next two years, that are also just now starting to impact Michael’s horoscope. Referring mainly to transiting Pluto trine Michael’s natal Sun. Hopefully that may eventually signal some closure, healing  and renewal for the Jackson family. Those influences can also help to mute Neptune’s veiled influence and shed more light on the actual details of his death, which are also emerging now. Pluto rules death, and by its’  very nature, is investigative and revealing.

Also, an important point to remember here: Dr. Murray has not been convicted of any crime and is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Meanwhile, the transiting Venus and Neptune conjunction, at 25 degrees of Aquarius, also exactly opposed Michael’s birth chart Mercury yesterday, at 25 degrees of Leo, as the news broke.  Mercury rules news and communication.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Cosmic Life Coach

Copyright 2010



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