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Moon’s still a rockin’ and rollin’ through adventurous, party-lovin’ Sagittarius…got wanderlust even in our toes! Gotta’ love the enthusiastic energy for the Super Bowl!

Today, with the fiery, active  Sag Moon, we should explore what we’re naturally curious about in our environments, both physically and intellectually.

Commune with nature. Maybe check out those areas of our minds that have been collecting cobwebs, and dust them off.  Read a book. Write those blogs that have been incubating in our brains.  Or, get started writing that new best-seller.

Also, Venus, the planet that shows us what we love, is conjoined with creative arts guru, Neptune, in the friendly sign of Aquarius.  It’s a perfect time to be emotionally catapulted and transported by a movie. Neptune rules film.

Or,  we could make a movie of our own, or a video, with all the fancy hi-tech Aquarian equipment.  All areas of the creative arts …music, poetry, dance, art, photograpy… get a big go-ahead today. Lovin’ the imaginative, inspired Neptunian energy here.

Romance-wise, we’re looking at our partners now more through rose-colored glasses.  Gotta’ be a little more careful, skeptical in this department.  We need to make sure we get more facts, before making any commitments. In other words, let’s see if they can “walk their talk.”

Our benevolent, humanitarian impulses are also kindled, partly as a result of the Venus-Neptune alignment. The Sag Moon helps, too, as does the philanthropic Jupiter in Pisces, sextiling regenerative Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is Sagittarius’ natural planetary ruler.

It’s an ideal period for each of us to garner deep personal, spiritual renewal, by putting our energies into outlets that benefit those who are downtrodden, or less fortunate.

Sometimes, even doing little things, like showing a warm smile to a stranger, or phoning someone who’s a shut-in, can turn around and elevate their day.  Help them get back on track towards a more positive, hopeful stream of consciousness.  We all need hope and encouragement.  Life is tough.

The Jupiter-Pluto energy is also so very powerful now, and encouraging. Potentially, very transforming.  It’s favorable for make-overs at all levels, both personally and collectively.

Peace and love, everybody.  Enjoy your day!

Patricia Thompson, Cosmic Life Coach

Copyright 2010

For entertainment purposes only.


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