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Thought Oprah’s show on diabetes, with Dr. Oz, this week, was very enlightening. Learned things I had never known before about sugar,  and its’ frightening affect on our bodies.

On the show, Dr. Oz displayed pictures  of scarred blood vessels, with big, ugly scabs. He said the damage to the vessels was mainly due to eating sugar.  He said sugar scratches the blood vessels. Makes you think twice before reaching for another Twinkie.

Astrology wise, Oprah’s producers picked a perfect time to air the diabetes show. Inspirational Jupiter is now favorably trining transforming Pluto. Translation: We’re hopefully more inspired now to change our ways. Even, modifying our eating behaviors!

This is because, in astrology, Jupiter rules obesity, and over-indulgence.

Pluto is the king of make-overs.  He’s the ruler of Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth.

Jupiter is also in the sign of Pisces now, which rules rehab for addictions.  So, putting these variables altogether, it’s an excellent time to spotlight food addiction – and why we’re all becoming so fat. And, what we can do about it, how we can get Pluto-empowered.

Saturn, the “Lord of Karma,” is also now in the sign of Libra.  Libra rules the disease of diabetes. With Saturn, we’re always forced to get serious. So, in Libra, we need to really get serious about diabetes.  It’s a killer.

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