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Belated birthday wishes go out  to Oprah Winfrey. She turned 56 on January 29th – and also became a mom again – of two new canine pets. On the special, live, birthday-edition of her TV show Friday, Oprah hosted 100 audience members, who were also, fellow Aquarians, who shared her same birthday.

She additionally shared her two birthday gifts to herself: two adorable 14-week old springer spaniel puppies, named Sunny and Lauren.  The “two babies” were adopted from PAWS, a no-kill shelter in Chicago. Oprah already reportedly has three other dogs. While she does not have any children, per se, she has often remarked that her dogs “are her children.”

According to the Astro-Databank at astro.com, Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29th, 1954 at 4:30 a.m. CST in Kosciusko, MS.  There have been different birth times published for Oprah Winfrey, over the years, but this one seems to fit her really well, from an astrological standpoint. It gives her an outgoing, philosophical Sagittarius rising, and also puts lucky, expansive,  Jupiter in Gemini, ruling broadcasting, in her sixth house of her horoscope, which rules employment.

There’s also an astrological corollary to Oprah’s newest additions to her family. In astrology, the Moon rules motherhood,   home and family issues, our emotional natures. It also governs the past, including past lives. Oprah presently has a major exact aspect to her Moon from the planet Saturn. An aspect is the term used for an angular relationship between planets, as seen on a birth chart.

In the past, when Oprah had a significant family issue to deal with, regarding a loss of a pet, she also had a Saturn Moon influence.  When Oprah’s beloved cocker-spaniel “Sophie” died on March 24, 2008, of kidney failure, Oprah had the transiting Saturn in Virgo at 3 degrees, almost exactly squaring her 4 degree natal Sagittarius Moon.

The “square aspect” from Saturn to the Moon is often a very emotionally difficult influence. It can be connected with death, loss, and separation, especially within the confines of home and family, since the Moon is involved.

Saturn is also dubbed the “Lord of Karma” in astrology.  The more potentially stress-producing Saturn aspects, such as the squares, often represent more consequential times in our lives,  when we’re forced to deal with some of the more difficult karmic lessons, as necessary phases of our spiritual growth and development.

Saturn represents the earth plane, and dealing with issues of the material realm, in general. It additionally governs our planet, the earth, itself.  When Saturn turned retrograde in motion, earlier this month, is when the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti occurred, marking a time of, perhaps, important karma, for all of us as a collective.

Saturn’s ray is, once again, a dominant factor in Oprah Winfrey’s horoscope, with the arrival of these two, new, lovable “babies” into her life.  The transiting Saturn is now at 4 degrees of Libra, exactly sextiling her 4 degree Sagittarius Moon. The “sextile aspect” from Saturn, however,  is usually regarded as more of  a harmonious “opportunity aspect,”  versus the square aspect, which is usually more associated with loss, and the passing away of structures in our lives.

Saturn sextiles often deliver to us positive new structures, that are often regarded as part of our “karmic rewards,” for our past efforts.  These manifestations can also correspond with the arrival of  “soul-mates” into our lives, that have a very signficant impact on our personal evolutions. And, of course, with Saturn to the familial Moon here, it could mean “soul-mates” in the guise of “family members” even “family pets.”  On a personal note, I met my husband with transiting Saturn exactly conjunct my natal Moon.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Oprah, that this will also be the case for her, with the entrance into her life, of these two beautiful, springer spaniels. That her wish for a happier, expanded family, will go as planned, as our dearest, Oprah, deserves only the very best. Don’t you agree?  Do you think that our pets can also be our soul-mates?

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