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No wonder Libra-born Simon Cowell is so bloody critical: He has his Venus and Pluto together in the pickiest, fussiest sign of the zodiac, Virgo!!!

Venus rules relationships and one’s power of attraction.  When you have it joined with brutally honest,  very controlling, can-be-cruel Pluto, you have a person with a natural proclivity for tearing people to shreds. The Virgo Venus tends to give Simon very high standards of perfection for both himself, and others, in addition to a very keen sense of analysis.

Simon’s genius and flair for spotting new talent is also due partly to this very same configuration.  Pluto bestows really good powers of perception and analysis in reading people, especially as it relates to their level of creative ability, which is ruled by Venus.  Pluto characteristically cuts to the chase and gets to the core of everything its associated with.  Pluto is actually associated with X-ray vision.

Therefore, with Pluto conjoined with his Venus, Simon is able to instantly gauge who has Venusian creative talent, and who doesn’t, and then when he renders his verdict, he does so in a way that he leaves very little room open for discussion on the matter. That’s the controlling part of Pluto in him at play.  To his credit, too, Simon is usually right in his assessments of contestants.

The Venus Pluto conjunction in Simon’s chart is also favorably sextiling Neptune, which is another pivotal clue to his professional success.  Neptune  is often prominent in the horoscopes of people who work in the entertainment industry. Neptune, as the higher octave of Venus, also rules creative expression, imagination, music and art. This potent aspect also indicates a special talent and flair for creative expression.

Venus in Virgo people. such as Simon, are often married to their work, since Venus shows what an individual loves, and Virgo is the sign of work. Venus combined with  intense Pluto, too, can produce someone who not only loves their work, but is also often 100% consumed by it. Pluto rules obsessions.

Pluto is also powerfully transforming, and with Pluto with Venus together in his horoscope, he’s also able to profoundly change and or alter the lives of the artists and people he comes in contact with.  Romantically, too, he would naturally be inclined to want to remake his lover, with Venus also ruling romance.  Learning to accept people as they are, and overlooking their shortcomings, is probably what Simon is perhaps weakest at.

Simon Cowell was reportedly born on October 7, 1959 in Brighton, England.  Unfortunately, his birth time is unknown, so there is no frame of reference for where the planets are located in his horoscope, making detailed analysis of his birth chart much more limited.

Overall, however, Libra Sun individuals tend to be fair-minded and balanced, as Libra is the sign of justice and is figuratively represented by the scales.  Ruled by beauty-loving, artistic and creative Venus, Libras often gravitate to careers or professions in the creative arts, public relations, or in the legal profession, often as judges. With Simon, you have a perfect blend of all these possibilities, as he is a judge in multiple entertainment venues, as well as a record producer promoting new talent.

Also Simon has innovative, original Uranus in Leo, the sign of entertainment, exactly sextile to his pioneering and energetic Mars in promotion-minded Libra, explaining why he’s a pioneer in the entertainment industry.

This aspect bestows him with an intense drive for individualism and supplies him with endless futuristic-vision. Uranus is very future-oriented and ahead of its time. The Mars-Uranus influence indicates that Simon tends to have an altering or change-oriented impact on his environment due to the highly original thinking and spirit behind his actions.

On another level, Mars, ruling speed and motion, in the beauty-loving sign of Libra, also explains his fascination with expensive, luxurious sports cars, all equipped with the latest Uranian technology.

Additionally, Simon is emotionally in tune with public sentiment. He can instinctively spot talent and trends before they happen because his insightful Sagittarius Moon, which rules his  feelings and relationship with the public, is favorably trined to precedent-setter Uranus in Leo (entertainment), as well as favorably sextile to his pioneering Mars in Libra.

Uranus also governs intuition and aligned with the emotional Moon, it can make him very intuitive.  Too, the Sagittarius Moon can give him a tendency to be very spontaneous and blunt expressing his feelings, maybe even preachy at times, and, of course, we all know Simon is not one to ever mute his remarks. He also has lucky, expansive Jupiter, in the sign of Sagittarius, showing he has potential talent for teaching, publishing, advertising and marketing. Jupiter comes largely into play in his career as a music recording executive.

His Mercury, governing  his thinking and communication style, is in graceful and diplomatic Libra, however, it is also conjunct warrior Mars, so he tends to fire bullets when he speaks. And remember, he also has, simultaneously, that intrinsically critical Venus and Pluto.  But the Libra Mercury does help to give him an intrinsic mental appreciation for fine things of beauty, including a fondness for inspired musical performances.

Simon’s birth chart shows that he’s an extraordinary business person by nature with his goal-oriented Saturn in ambitious Capricorn, at home in the sign it rules. It closely trines his natal Venus and Pluto in workaholic Virgo.  That gives him excellent organizational skills, an abundance  of practical know-how and management capacity.  He also has a marked Saturnian ability to always use all the resources at his disposal, which is why he has been able to realize so many of his professional goals and dreams.

Simon recently announced that the current season of  American Idol would be his last one, as he gets ready to bring the X Factor, the British talent show he produces, to Fox in fall 2011.  He will reportedly also be  appearing as a judge,  on the X Factor, and has publicly stated that he didn’t think it was right to be a judge on two shows here at the same time.

Astrologically, for the last year, Simon has had Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, conjunct his Saturn in Capricorn,  ruling again the business and professional concerns.  The Pluto-Saturn  conjunction is very powerful and can be life-changing. It usually is indicative of a transformational or purging process taking place, so new things can be built.

What Simon is personally going through now, is similar to what we, as a collective body, are also experiencing, with Saturn in Libra square to Pluto in Capricorn. Many of our seemingly tried and true structures of the past are being bulldozed because they’re outdated, outmoded, and or simply ineffective. Simon may feel the same way about American Idol, that he has grown beyond the confines of the show.

Plus, with the ever-present, pioneering Mars-Uranus impulse stirring inside of him, he’s happiest, and at his best, when he is working on and initiating new projects. Simon also is simultaneously going through a Saturn cycle, with Saturn in Libra squaring his natal Saturn, another indication of some career endings.

For the next several months, in addition to the other challenging transits already mentioned, Simon will also have transforming Pluto in Capricorn favorably aspecting his natal Pluto and Venus conjunction.  He actually already has had this influence for a few months now.  On a personal level, this long-term influence can be a very romantic period for him and possibly even bring him a soul mate. Venus Pluto romantic relationships usually are very transforming and often have that added quality of fate to them.

Professionally, this transit will also, hopefully, further allow him to masterfully continue along his destined course, which is: discovering and presenting spectacular new stars, with a unanimous vote of approval from the proud, cosmic judges above.

Copyright 2010

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