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First Lady, Michelle Obama, reportedly referring to obesity as “one of the greatest threats to America’s health and economy,” announced Wednesday, from accounts in USA Today, that she’s rolling out a major initiative next month to combat obesity in childhood.

The announcement of the initiative comes just as Teacher Jupiter, also known as  the Great Expander, and, coincidentally, ruler of obesity and over-indulgence, has moved into the healing sign of Pisces, which is the astrological sign associated with rehabilitation and addiction.  Obesity, of course, can sometimes  occur as a result of addiction to food, as well as from a general lack of knowledge about what constitutes good nutrition and a healthy diet.

Too, with food budgets being stretched to the limit nowadays, many cash-strapped families often opt out for more-fattening, carbohydrate-rich, junk food, over healthier food because, in many cases, it’s cheaper to buy these things, in the short-term, than it is to buy healthier items, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  However, many of us are also aware, in the long-term, that it can actually be much costlier buying junk food, when you factor in lost productivity due to illness, and higher medical costs from poor nutrition.

Jupiter’s essence or core principle is all about growth and generating opportunity.  It’s associated with learning and expanding its knowledge  in a bid to broaden its horizons.  Jupiter is also correspondingly about sharing what it has learned with others, as a way of helping others to expand their worlds and spheres of influence.

Jupiter governing obesity in the body, passing through the rehabilitative and self-renewing sign of Pisces, is an excellent time to grow in awareness and understanding of the various factors that lead to overeating and poor nutrition and how to take steps to overcome, as well as prevent this problem.

According to USA Today, “The initiative will involve the federal government working with local officials and leaders in the business and non-profit sectors to provide more nutritious food in schools” and it will also “allow more opportunities for kids to be physically active and give more communities access to affordable, healthful food.”

When the initiative  begins to be formally implemented next month, Jupiter in Pisces will also be forming a very favorable sextile aspect, an opportunity  influence, to transforming and regenerating Pluto, in the sign of Capricorn, ruling government.

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