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There have been numerous, highly publicized rumors, the last few days, that celebrity golfer, Tiger Woods, is seeking behavioral treatment  for sex addiction at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. At the time of writing this article, none of these rumors had been known to have been confirmed.

According to  Astro-Databank, Tiger Woods, who has a professionally ambitious, Capricorn Sun, was born December 30, 1975 at  10:50 pm in Long Beach, California, which gives him a  24 degree, perfectionist-bent, Virgo rising and 22 degree, freedom-loving, Sagittarius Moon.  That birth chart setup puts transiting Neptune, the ruler of addictions, exactly conjunct his sixth house of health at 26 Aquarius. Neptune governs addictions because, in astrology, Neptune is regarded as the embodiment of the “inner urge to escape.”

If, in fact, Tiger is undergoing such treatment, it could potentially be a very enlightening and appropriate time for him to tune into his “supposed demons” inside, as Neptune can powerfully sensitize one to what lies buried deep inside one’s being, as this planet is associated with the hidden aspects of one’s self.  Great self-awareness and self-renewal can be achieved, especially in conjunction with formal rehabilitative efforts, which is under Neptune’s domain, as the ruler of Pisces. Neptune and Pisces rule hospitals, health care professionals, and behavioral treatment facilities.

By nature of its very veiled and hidden essence, foggy Neptune can generate some confusion and self-doubt about how to effectively  handle and deal with one’s own mental and physical health issues, when moving through the sixth house of health, that is why outside, impersonal intervention can be so very effective in helping a person get back on track.  The sixth house is about marshaling, cultivating and disciplining yourself and your resources so that you may successfully interact in the world around you.  With naturally disintegrating Neptune here, the challenge of being able to do this on one’s own, may suddenly feel very overwhelming or frightening for a myriad of reasons, some of these reasons may even be very vague to the person.  All they know is, they do not feel quite right and their self-confidence may be at a very low ebb.

Simultaneously, Neptune transits can also be very humbling, ego-denying, and demoralizing  for one’s ego and spirit.  Additionally, Neptune transits can also  be scandalous, spotlighting any hidden skeletons that a person may have lurking around.  Of course, in Tiger’s case, if indeed he is being treated for sex-addiction, the added element of  the aftermath of a terribly scandalous personal situation in his life may be another motivating factor in seeking out treatment at this time.

In Tiger’s birth chart, his natal Neptune, is in his third house of the mind at 12 degrees of Sagittarius, in a wide, ten degree conjunction to his adventure-seeking, Sagittarius Moon, which governs his emotions, and in an important opposition to his 17 degree, variety-loving, Mars in Gemini, in his ninth house of the higher mind.  Mars rules sex, and closely aligned with addictive Neptune by aspect, certainly a hypothetical case could be made, from an astrological standpoint,  for a possible problem with sex-addiction or perhaps a preoccupation with sexual fantasies.  Tiger also has Venus, ruling what one loves and is naturally attracted to, in the sign of Scorpio, which rules sex and passion.  Venus also rules women and could suggest a need for passionate sexual relationships with women as a form of self-expression.  Then you factor in the immense opportunity for the availability of such relationships, always following him around, since he is a celebrity, and you have a potential recipe for disaster.  Tiger also has his natal Sun, his basic sense of self, at almost 9 degrees of Capricorn in a tight square to his natal Pluto at 11 degrees of Libra.  This influence can be potentially very undermining for an individual as it can give a tendency for obsession and self-destruction, as well as intense power clashes and misuse of one’s personal power.

Of course, too, a natal astrology chart only suggests tendencies, and does not show or reveal anyone’s fate. Nothing is ever sealed in cement.  A person decides their own fate using their own free will.  The planets may tug at one inside, but it is a person’s own call whether to respond or not, and in what fashion to respond, be it positively or negatively.

Chaotic and disruptive Uranus also has his fingerprints all over Tiger’s horoscope and has for the last few months.  Presently, Uranus is sitting exactly on his seventh house of marriage and we are all witnessing the uncertainty that he is apparently going through in that area of his life.  It has also been squaring his natal Sagittarian Moon, which rules home and family, his emotions and his public image, which all have undergone a sudden, apparent toppling.

Lucky Jupiter, the great healer, teacher, and protector, coincidentally just entered the sign of self-renewing Pisces this week, where it will stay, off and on, through next January of 2011.  Jupiter’s placement here suggests it is an excellent time for any of us dealing with difficult addictive issues, to go seek professional treatment now.

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