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In wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti…there has been a sudden banding together of the global community…in an effort to provide relief and support efforts… for the thousands of devastated survivors of the quake.  This coming together coincides, astrologically,with the culmination and pending departure of Jupiter… the planet of faith, hope, and optimism… in Aquarius… the sign of brotherly love.

Aquarius also rules the internet… and there has been a grand coalescence of support in cyberspace…with millions of dollars raised for earthquake victims, as a result of messages posted on Twitter and other social media sites regarding donations. There has also been an intimate sharing of grief on the internet… and heart-felt postings.

Jupiter is knocking on the door of each of our hearts now…spreading his gospel of  hope.  Even though it’s very difficult now to have hope…in the face of so much human suffering and tragedy… he’s asking us to continue to believe…and to join together as one…in a brotherhood of humanity…to help out the people of Haiti. He’s praying that we have received his intention for each of us… from his passage in Aquarius…and to know and understand… that we are all in this together…and that we must always collectively be there for each other…that the boundaries that seem to separate us…our only an illusion.

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