Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for George W. Bush,  Karl Rove, born 12/25/50, birthtime unknown, has reportedly finished writing his memoir, an endeavor he undertook while the revealing and eye-opening Pluto was conjuncting his 2 degree Capricorn Sun. In astrology, Pluto is referred to as the Lord of Death, and governs related matters of re-birth and transformation. It also has rulership over what is buried deep down inside an individual, and is sometimes  referred to as one’s private inner hell, while the Sun governs one’s basic essence or urge to be.

This major Pluto-Sun influence can often incline a person to want to reveal or share with others, what is at their very core, including sharing their deepest, darkest, innermost secrets, usually in a cathartic attempt to free themselves, psychologically, of their past.   Some individuals seek professional psychotherapy,  with Pluto transits, as a meaningful way to integrate their inner and outer worlds. That is why it is interesting and very fitting, astrologically, that Rove chose to write his memoir under Pluto’s ray, as he probably did have a genuine need to “come clean” and put to rest, so to speak, nagging issues that maybe have been bothering or haunting him deep inside.

Also, occasionally on the flip side, under Pluto’s influence, secret aspects of an individual’s past that they may have wanted to keep private, are suddenly revealed to the world by other people.  The information leaked can sometimes be potentially damaging to the person’s reputation, in question,  particularly if they have been engaging in any clandestine or illegal activities. Pluto is associated with covert activity, such as spying and sting operations. It also rules the Mafia and underworld, even terrorism. Additionally, it deals with issues of power and control.  Of course, Karl Rove will, no doubt, be discussing, in his memoir, how he was able to amass and wield his notable political power, over the years,  and the resulting impact of that power on the collective.  Many people credit Rove’s savvy with getting George W. Bush elected President.

Threshold Editions announced, late November, that they will publish the Republican strategist’s 592-page memoir, “Courage and Consequence” on March 9, 2010.  The book is reportedly going to “set the record straight on those controversial years” of the Bush administration and his role in it.  It has been rumored that Rove will be paid over $1.5 million for the book deal.

When the memoir is released in March, in addition to the lingering Pluto Sun conjunction, Rove will also be smack in the middle of his second Saturn return, with Saturn retrograding then at 2 degrees of Libra, exactly conjunct his natal Saturn and also exactly square to his natal Sun.  Saturn returns can be periods of high professional achievement, although, there can additionally be opposition, challenges, and criticism from detractors, as well then, depending, in part, on what the individual has set into motion, on their journey to the top, and how many enemies they may have made, along the way. Of course, in politics, too, you’re always going to make enemies, that seems to be the nature of the beast. 

Looking back at Rove’s solar chart, we see that he was appointed to the Deputy Chief  of Staff job on 2/08/05 when transiting Mars in Capricorn was exactly conjunct his Sun, an astrological configuration often indicative of increased responsibilities and duties, as both Mars and the Sun pertain to leadership and management functions, and the Mars conjunction bestows opportunity. Then a couple years later, under a swirl of controversy, as well as declining popularity for George W. Bush’s presidency, Rove suddenly announced he was leaving his administration post on 8/13/07, when Transiting Mars was exactly quinqunx his natal Sun, a stressful career adjustment influence.  Transiting Pluto was also  conjunct his natal Chiron in Sagittarius, the wounded warrior aspect, when he stepped down.

Karl Rove has 7 of his 10 planets in the cardinal or action-oriented signs indicating that he is definitely in his own element when he is initiating and spearheading activities, particularly in the political arena, with three of his cardinal planets in Capricorn, the sign which rules politics and government.  His Saturn in Libra exactly square to his Capricorn Sun also gives him marked professional ambition and determination, and also an inclination to adopt hard, rigid, and judgmental attitudes.  Rove’s Mars is in individualistic- Aquarius, indicating that, even though he is a conservative and cautious Capricorn, he is also very freedom-loving, and doesn’t like to be fenced- in. It also suggests that he can be very original and unique in the way he asserts himself and in the strategies that he concocts, which is probably a main reason why he has become so influential. Rove also has his natal Moon, which governs feelings and emotions, in the maternal and nurturing sign of  Cancer, suggesting that deep inside, he is very sensitive and much more impressionable  and vulnerable then he may indicate on the surface. 

One footnote to this blog 12/30/09: is reporting that Karl Rove got divorced last week from his wife, Darby.  They had been married for 24 years.  Rove’s above-mentioned Saturn return in Libra, the marriage sign, has been  going on for the last several months, which can often signify the ending of a partnership or marriage.   Too, the Pluto-Sun conjunction we discussed here can indicate the painful passing away of old structures to make way for new beginnings.

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