Professional, celebrity-golfer, Tiger Woods’, sudden and very tragic fall from grace, has the planet Uranus’,  upsetting, signature swings, teeing off all over his horoscope, beginning with that bizarre SUV accident late November outside Tiger’s sprawling Florida estate.

And, if by chance, you haven’t yet heard about  any of the sordid hullabalo swirling around Tiger since that strange incident, you know zilch about his alleged extra-marital affairs with a seemingly endless procession of women, way below his level of prominence, than, consider yourself singularly lucky. You must also have been living, these past few weeks, somewhere else, like maybe on the Moon.  It seems each day, there is a new, alleged, dramatic development or twist reported in the media involving either Tiger’s family, or women he allegedly had affairs with, or announcements of corporate sponsors jumping ship.

Also, reportedly this past weekend,  a representative from a Florida child  welfare agency supposedly paid a visit to Tiger’s house, apparently to check up on the health and welfare of his two small children. It has also been reported that his wife, Elin, has recently purchased a large home in her native Sweden and rumors have been afloat that she is going to take their two kids and relocate there alone without Tiger.  Tiger also just announced on his website a few days ago that he is going to be taking an indefinite hiatus from professional golf to focus on his family and rapidly imploding personal situation. 

The birth data information for Tiger that I have is from Astro-Databank, which lists his birth time as 10:50 PM on December 30, 1975 in Long Beach, California. That birth date gives Tiger, a professionally-ambitious, Saturn-ruled, Capricorn Sun, and also a 24 degree 25 minute perfectionist Virgo rising, and a 23 degree 56 minute energetic Gemini Career Midheaven. The warrior, and highly competitive planet, Mars, which is associated with athletes, is conjunct, or sitting right on top of, Tiger’s career house.

Meanwhile, that birthchart configuration means transiting Uranus, the planet often associated with colossal upsets, separations, and reversals, is presently sitting  smack near Tiger’s descendant, or seventh house of marriage. It is also exactly squared to his natal, third house,  and freedom-loving Sagittarian Moon, which governs women, his home, and family affairs, as well as Tiger’s basic emotional nature and public image. And, to put even more icing on this volatile cosmic cake, Uranus is also squared, or challengingly aspecting, his 10th house of career and professional standing and reputation.

In case you don’t know much about astrology, Uranus is often portrayed in it as the eccentric and rebellious, rogue planet, associated with sudden chaos, the unexpected, genius, even madness.  He is also commonly branded in traditional astrological circles as the Great Liberator, the Revolutionary Reformer, the Genius Inventor, the Nutty Professor, and the Mad Scientist, all rolled into one.  He represents the higher octave of Mercury, or the Higher Mind, while Mercury rules the lower, or Conscious Mind.  Uranus is also linked to Intuition and is associated with invention and technology.  

Astrologically speaking, Uranus also represents a psychologically profound desire for change, and sometimes suddenly delivers, when he has the chance to do so, out and out anarchy. As a consequence of his intrinsically disruptive nature, Uranus habitually bumps heads, big time, with Saturn, who represents the exact antithesis of Uranus, and is astrologically billed as the Great Safety and Security Guard, who does whatever it takes to preserve the  law and order, and maintain the, often  boring, day-to-day sameness, of the established status quo.

But, at least with Saturn, the Fatherly Figure and Stable Provider, you know you will always have a steady paycheck coming in, every Friday, and a roof over your head, and money in the bank for any needed repairs, in the event that that roof above your head ever leaks or needs to be replaced.  And, most of all, you can live in the community well-respected, and can hold your head up high, which is always key and critically pivotal to Saturn’s status-conscious, psyche. 

Yes, reliable ole’ Saturn, is normally thought of in astrology, as the dependable, conscientious guy who painstakingly sets up and stands by his apple cart, day after day, patiently pushing his wares, only to periodically have his recalcitrant, and willing adversary, Uranus, lurking somewhere in the background, ready to suddenly, sneak up on him, and tip over Saturn’s beloved apple cart, whenever he can.  Uranus doesn’t get that opportunity, that often with Saturn,  as Saturn is generally only ever away from his apple cart, for only a short time, and even when he is away from it, let’s say, on his lunch break, he is usually always still working,  and also trying to keep an eye on the apple cart, from the back of his head.  

Uranus sometimes acts at odds with Saturn, not necessarily out of meanness, or sheer bulliness, but rather out of a genuine deep concern and caring for Saturn.  He is concerned about Saturn’s long-term welfare and future, and what it will look like in the end.  He’s  tired and deathly afraid of  seeing Saturn selling the same old apples, day after day, week after week, year after year. He wants to shake Saturn up, maybe ignite a fire under him, so that he will try to do something fresh and new, at least occasionally.

 Yes,  Uranus always wants to attempt to  shatter Saturn’s routine, and thereby create, what he feels for Saturn, is a far more exciting and freer world for him, one in which Saturn can live, and move, and have his being, in a wholly novel, untested and untried manner.  See, the way Uranus views it, he doesn’t want Saturn to die with regret that Saturn had never ventured out beyond the safety and security of that ever present apple cart.  You reckon, in Tiger’s case, we can safely substitute, the golf cart, for the apple cart?

Maybe Tiger allegedly, and perhaps, unwittingly, sabotaged himself and his image because he was simply bored and tired of his everyday life.  Maybe he thought that he could allegedly, and quietly, commit a few transgressions, sow a few wild oats,and never be caught, never be held accountable by Saturn, that Saturn would let him wreak a bit of dissent, and get away with it, so to speak, because of all that he had done for Saturn over the course of his lifetime.  He had, after all, been playing golf since the age of two and had become the first billionaire in the world of sports, definitely not lightweight accomplishments.

It would perhaps seem plausible that Saturn would have the inclination to cut Tiger at least a small measure of slack,  so Tiger could explore what else was out there, as Tiger had seemed to have towed the Saturn line for so long, religiously conformed for so long to Saturn’s safe way of thinking.  The problem is, however,  whenever one does overthrow certain structures and conventions in one’s life, even for a short period of time, there usually is  also a price to pay, and or a backlash, as a result.  It is a natural part of cause and effect. But then again, none of us knows exactly what Tiger was ever thinking in his head, and what he was ever really like, deep within himself, what urges were ever compelling his behavior.

 To be sure, astrologically, too, there is also much more at play in Tiger’s horoscope than just Uranus calling the shots in his swift departure downward, however, Uranus has been pretty active in Tiger’s horoscope the last seven years.  While that slow-moving, rebellious Uranian energy, has potentially been resonating in Tiger for quite a while, only now  is the public, represented astrologically by the Moon, finding out about Tiger’s shadow side, because only now is Uranus exactly squaring his Moon.  Beside public image,  the Moon also rules women, and all of a sudden, we are hearing, out of the blue, from various women, some with very, very colorful and dubious pasts, claiming to have had intimate relationships with him.

Tiger naturally portrays a clean-cut image, with his tidy, quiet, Virgo rising.  The rising sign is the mask that one shows to the world and not what one is necessarily like deep down inside.  Tiger also has, however, the mysterious and enigmatic Pluto in Libra, The Lord of Death and the Great Keeper of Secrets, in his first house,  as well, and that can be indicative of someone who is naturally very private and hidden,  not too mention, very  intense, power-hungry, driven and controlling. Pluto can give the individual very deep perceptions, and very strong desires, and passions, which sometimes, left unchecked, can lead to obsessions, self-destructive behavior, manipulation, and even abuses of power.  Whether any of this is applicable to Tiger, in real life, however, we do not know, only Tiger knows how he is inside.  Again, we are only engaging in astrological speculation and theory here.

Pluto is also square to Tiger’s natal Sun, which rules his basic self-expression, as well as opposite to his pioneering natal Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in his seventh house of the public.  These three planets form a powerful T-Square in his chart  in the action-oriented cardinal signs and together they speak to his powerful potential ability to transform and captivate the world in bold ways, which up until now, has been centered around his unbelievable abilities in the field of golf.

Tiger also has his  natal Venus, the love planet, in the passionate Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio, in the third house of the conscious mind.  Having Venus there could possibly create more of a mental focus on romance  and relationships, and with his Venus in the more sexual sign of Scorpio, it could potentially be that intense  relationships could be in some way, a potent draw, or even an obsession for him, as again Scorpio can give very deep desires.   But do keep in mind, that this is all mere astrological conjecture, at this point, and not necessarily, at all, how Tiger really is.

 What also speaks out to me in Tiger’s chart, is his Neptune in Sagittarius, along side Venus, in the third house of the mind.  Neptune  is the planet known as the Great Escapist and Deceiver, the Master weaver of Illusion.  Neptune is  opposite Mars in Tiger’s chart.  Mars again rules the competitive drive and spirit, the warrior inside, and also, last, but not least, one’s sex drive.  Neptune and Mars aligned together in a chart can sometimes be indicative of someone who is a visionary and able to make manifest great dreams.  It can also, however, be indicative of someone who engages in escapist, addictive behaviors, as an outlet to perhaps flee the harsh pressures of reality.  I have seen horoscopes with this configuration of individuals who are either drug addicts or alcoholics. Of course, this is not to say, again, that Tiger, by any means, is so inclined this way, it is just what I have seen from my experience doing horoscopes over the years.  There have also been various reports in the media that Tiger could actually be addicted to sex, and that is why he has allegedybehaved in this manner.  Maybe also with Neptune natally there in Tiger’s third house, his immediate judgements and every-day perceptions, could be impaired, or susceptible to occasional vague confusion, distortion, even paranoia, from time to time. 

It is also the nature of Neptune to sometimes stretch the truth, and not always communicate  with others in a forthright and honest way, especially when it is in the communication houses or prominentally paired with another planet, such as Mercury or the Moon. On another level, many writers, even the late poet Emily Dickinson, had, or have, Neptune here, which can also help to endow someone with a rich imagination and even acting ability. The various planetary energies can always play out in a myriad number of ways, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy.  It is always up to the individual, in the end, how the energies are personally harnessed and expressed.

Tiger also has Sun square Jupiter in his horoscope, an influence that Frank Sinatra also had. That influence can be very lucky and expansive for the natives who have it, provide them with all the riches of the world. On the other hand, it can also, from time to time, make the individual wasteful and extravagant with his resources, or even arrogant.

What happens with Tiger in the future, from this point on, no one knows, not even Tiger.  But I suspect, from looking at his horoscope, that he may have a potentially bumpy road ahead, at least emotionally, as transiting erratic Uranus continues to linger through his chart a while longer.  Of course, Uranus can also potentially give Tiger a fresh and new perspective, force him to see himself and his life in a  whole brand new way that he hadn’t been able to do before, and that may be ultimately regenerating for him.

But, wait. The next big planetary contender for Tiger could again be, well, Saturn. Yes, serious and steady Saturn, is now residing in Tiger’s first house of new beginnings, astrologically always one of the most important passages for an individual in their life time, and one that they will have roughly every thirty years.  It will be there until late 2011. Saturn, the sobering Reality God, will be heavily weighing in now on the unsteady and uncertain reality that Uranus has chaotically ushered in.  Saturn will probably be patiently sitting down, day after day, night after night, with Tiger, admonishing him, encouraging him, to get that apple cart standing upright again.  

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