Mars is, and always will be, the Big Cheese in my natal horoscope or at least he pulls many of the  strings in my neck of the universe.  I have a 2 degree Aries rising with my natal Mars in Capricorn in my tenth house, conjunct my midheaven, and square to my Ascendant.  Needless to say, I know all about this Macho Warrior Prince, and how he can impact a life.   

Overall, I would say that this little guy’s influence, over the course of my life, has been very positive for me, as the martian-energy has always given me natural courage, enthusiasm,  and self-confidence to try new things, combined with a certain innate confidence that I can be successful at whatever it is that I want to do. Of course with Mars, you can easily bite off more than you can chew, and plum wear yourself out, from time to time, if not much of the time. Fortunately for me, though, I am more cautious and grounded since Mars is in Capricorn and the Sun is in show- me- the- money Taurus. I still get the big manic Mars ideas but the earth part of me instantly plays Devil’s Advocate and puts up resistance and, as a consequence, balances me out. But, not always.

So, when I saw a few weeks ago that transiting Mars in Leo was going to be exactlysquaring both my Sun and Mercury in Taurus in my second house of money and possessions for the entire month of December, I wondered what the heck was going to be going on with me then? Would I try, and believe that I could, rebuild the Roman empire then?  Transiting Mars was also going to be  simultaneously exactly conjunct my sixth house of work and health.

 Well, I am here to report that I am surviving, even thriving, with all this Mars energy. Yes,  I have erected some of that Roman empire, and working on the rest. Actually, I have never felt better.  I feel focused, my energy is directed, and, yes, I have even started blogging, doing my very first blog the day transiting Mercury conjuncted my tenth house Mars!!!

Yes, Mars has self-motivated me with a wealth of ideas, so many thoughts on my mind now that I am having trouble sleeping at night.  Also, I almost burned down my house a week ago when I left the tea kettle on the stove and completely forgot about it.  When the three firemen were standing in my kitchen demonstrating to me how a stove works and how to properly use it,  I kept thinking, wow, this is really cool, this is what Mars exactly square your Sun does.  For those new to astrology, Mars rules fire.

By the way, my leaf blower also started on fire a few days before the tea kettle incident. 

Patricia Thompson, Cosmic Life Coach