Probably one of the biggest highlights in my late mother’s life was when she went to see, for the very first time, and only time, Frank Sinatra, Ole’ Blue Eyes, perform live at a concert in Michigan.  I can’t remember the exact year that it was, but I know it was in the latter portion of his career that she saw him.  She was so excited.

Frank Sinatra left all of us with such an incredible and singular legacy when he died of a heart attack on May 14, 1998 at the age of 82. He had recorded over 1200 songs and appeared in over 63 films. He was without a doubt, a giant, with a capital G, and really no one else has come along to fill his shoes, in my opinion.

Frank was a straight-shooting Sagittarian, with also Mercury, the communicator, closely conjunct in that sign. He was born December 12, 1915 at 3:00 A.M. in Hoboken, NJ, according to birth data information at Astro-Databank.  That birth time gives him a 28 degree artistic and pleasant-looking Libra ascendant, or rising sign, and puts charismatic Neptune exactly conjunct his Midheaven, at 3 degrees Leo, the sign of the consummate performer.  The Midheaven rules one’s career, reputation, and public life, in general.

 With the Master Artist and Actor, and weaver of illusion, Neptune in Leo,  at the very top of his chart,  Frank was magically able to leave us spellbound whenever he sang or performed. All he had to do was sing one note, and we were hooked. You stopped whatever else you were doing to listen to Frank Sinatra whenever he came on the radio, or at least I did. He was also a mesmerizing actor and won various awards for acting, including an Academy Award in 1954, for Best Supporting Actor in ‘From Here To Eternity’, which he won when lucky Jupiter in Gemini was transiting exactly opposite his Sagittarius Sun, and transiting Uranus in Cancer, unveiling his dramatic genius, was exactly trine his fifth house Jupiter in Pisces.

 He additionally had Mars in self-expressive Leo in his tenth house, which gave him great physical vitality and drive, and again, more creative energy, as well as kingly authority.  Also, going back to Neptune, a minute, in the 10th house, that is an influence that can be associated at times with scandal and I recall during his life there were always whispers that he was somehow affiliated with the Mob.

Frank Sinatra created a wave of gossip when he became romantically-linked to  young Aquarian-native, Mia Farrow.  He met Mia reportedly in October of 1964, when transiting Uranus, the rebellious ruler of Aquarius, was  exactly trine to his Venus, the love planet.  Uranus-Venus alliances are often very exciting and different, but much of the time they do not last, once the newness and thrill of the relationship wears off. He  married Mia in 1966, with Uranus square to his Sun. They divorced a couple years later when Frank had Pluto squaring his Sun, an indication of endings. I think from what I read, however, that Frank and Mia always remained on friendly terms with each other.

Sinatra had his  Moon, which governs feelings and emotions, exactly on his fifth house cusp.  It was in the very sensitive and intuitive sign of Pisces and it  was closely trined to his natal Pluto in Cancer, in his 9th house of higher wisdom and inspiration. The fifth house rules affairs of the heart, creative  talents, and gifts.  This powerful Moon-Pluto influence, combined with his Neptune on his Midheaven, helped Frank emotionally connect with the public at the very deepest levels in a very awe-inspiring, almost religious way.  The public, indeed, dearly loved and worshipped Frank, although he also had his share of detractors, being a fiery, and sometimes reckless, impetuous Sagittarian.  With Moon and Jupiter in Pisces, too, in his romance house, no telling how many arrows he shot to lovely, fair maidens with his cupid’s bow, but suffice it to say, that it was probably some Jupiterian, colossal number.

 He was married four times and finally found an enduring relationship with his last wife, Barbara Marx, the widow of Zeppo Marx, who he married in July of 1976, when he had Uranus setting off a regenerating grand  water trine to his Moon and Pluto in his chart. This influence delivered to him a beautiful, powerful woman and soul mate (Moon) who would eventually help him to transform (Pluto) his lifestyle, and settle down a spell.  He also had Venus in Capricorn in his natal chart, which boded well for being able to have a serious, deep, long-lasting  relationship with a woman that he respected.

In his chart, Sinatra’s Pisces  Jupiter was also closely trined to his natal 9th house Saturn in Cancer, so not only was he  able to readily manifest his massive talents and gifts, he was also able to richly cash in on the rewards of  his many, gargantuan efforts. He left this planet a very wealthy man.  He also had his Sun exactly square to his natal Jupiter, often another indication  of material wealth and abundance, and being able to live life on a very lavish scale, although sometimes with the square there is also a tendency to squander resources, as well.

Regrettably, Frank’s flame on earth finally went out that fateful spring day, in mid-May, eleven years ago, when he had transiting Neptune in Aquarius, conjunct his fourth house cusp (which rules conditions at the end of life) exactly opposite to his natal 10th house, Neptune in Leo.  Transiting Mercury that day, also acted as a trigger, with an applying square to the 2 degree Neptune-Neptune opposition. It was sadly Frank’s time to hang his hat up for good.  He had surely, however, woven enough magic on this planet to last an eternity.

Written by Patricia Thompson, Cosmic Life Coach.

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